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May’s Wine School: Sancerre

Hey y’all!

I know I’m extra late here, but due to being super busy and having such a difficult time even finding the recommended wine for Wine School, I didn’t even try the May wine until the middle of August.

And I took 100+ days off from blogging, but I’m finally posting this now.

Instead of going to all these different local wine shops (because who has time for that?), I just used Google shopping and finally found the exact bottle I wanted from a wine shop in California.

Eric Asimov chose some pretty hard to find wines. May came and went and I still couldn’t find the wine in New York, you know, cause I looked so hard. So I was back to the store in California.

Here’s the catch, the store doesn’t ship to New York State or Illinois. But luckily, my best friend lives in St. Louis, and they do ship to Missouri. I called him and begged him to let me send the wine to him. He agreed because he’s the best.

All he had to do was ship it to me once it arrived. By this time, it was mid-June. My friend who works for UPS gave me advice on the best way to get this bottle to New York from Missouri. It involves a bit of don’t ask, don’t tell of the is-this-alcohol-let’s-not-discuss-it variety. Suffice it to say, it didn’t go as planned.

Luckily, my friend came to visit NYC in August. He packed my wine in his suitcase and hand-delivered the bottles. Yes, I said bottles.


Sancerre and June's bottle of Riesling

Sancerre and June’s bottle of Riesling

I went through all of this just to try this wine, but it makes for a good story I guess. The silver lining is that they also had June’s wine: Riesling, which is pictured above with the Sancerre. Don’t even get me started on how much I love Riesling, and how I’ve been moving toward drier Rieslings recently anyway, which is exactly the type chosen for Wine School.

Even better than the hand delivered wine was the fun weekend my best friend and I had while he was here. We took what had to be our 37th selfie, and I feel like I’m getting pretty good at taking them.

I usually start with cutting my face out. But I get it right on the 2nd or 3rd try.

I usually start with cutting my face out. But I get it right on the 2nd or 3rd try.

So how did I feel about Sancerre? Well… ever since I began my love affair with Bordeaux, I haven’t loved white wine nearly as much as I used to. But the wine wasn’t bad. it’s made from sauvignon blanc grapes, but apparently it’s different from sauvignon blanc wine.

We were encouraged to respond emotionally to the wine rather than “hyper-rational”, so that’s what I tried to do. In hindsight, I don’t remember loving the wine and I wasn’t fantasizing about what meals go great with it. But I liked it.

The taste of it reminded me of mud pies. Well, not mud pies exactly. Did you ever make a mud pie as a child? I did, but not out of mud. My “mud pies” were made from sand in the sandbox at the park near my childhood best friend’s apartment. I may or may not have taken a bite just to see how powerful my imagination was. My imagination was not powerful enough to make a sandy mud pie taste like anything but sandbox.

Moving on.

I did check a couple of times to see if there was sand in the bottom of my glass, like maybe some micro pieces of the cork got in somehow. Something about Sancerre reminded me of that time in my childhood.

I ended up drinking the Sancerre along with a pretty interesting meal. I had a friend over for a girl’s night in dinner. I made homemade shrimp alfredo with spinach fettuccine, roasted zucchini, roasted yellow squash, roasted asparagus, collard greens and roasted chicken. I love salads, but when it’s time to cook for a guest, no light meals. I refuse.

Don't let all the veggies fool you. This was not a light meal!

Don’t let all the veggies fool you. This was not a light meal!

While I’m thinking about emotional responses to the wine, I remember feeling peppy. It wasn’t a long lingering bubble bath kind of wine. It was a 90s pop music sing-a-long kind of wine. On top of a flavorful meal, the wine combatted the feelings of wanting to curl into a sleepy little ball. We watched The First Wives Club while we ate, and I feel like Sancerre made me just a touch wittier with my talking during the movie commentary.

Overall, I didn’t love it enough to put the wine in the regular rotation. But I would probably jump at the opportunity to enjoy a wine flight at a bar or restaurant that included Sancerre.

Image via Amazon


Obviously, I’m super far behind, but I’ll try and catch up to November. Here are the upcoming wines.
June: Riesling
July: Zinfandel
August: Chablis
September: Chianti
October: Champagne
November: Rioja

It’s like he knew my birthday month is October and wanted to celebrate!

I’ve already tried June’s wine, I just have to post what I wrote about it. After that I have five more. Five new wine choices in just a few weeks is my goal. Wish me luck to actually find those selections though!


It’s Official, I Make Video Blogs

Yessir, you heard it here first. I finally got over my fascination with the imperfections with my teeth. After some fiddling on my phone and Microsoft Live Video Maker (or whatever it’s called), I have a video I’m ready to show the world.

It’s basically a one-take video with some random ass captions, but I like it. I think. I’m pretty sure it’s as good as is going to get.

I’m actually really excited for the opportunity to share this new hobby. I think it’s a great way to add some videos, which I’ve already said I was eager to do.

I reserve the right to immediately regret this and then do my best to scrub any evidence of this from the internet. Then I’ll go on back to Wine School with my tail between my legs, mournful for every trying to step outside of my bounds.

Hopefully, this is just the start of something beautiful. My best girlfriend and I have been discussing the 30th bucket birthday list (which I promise to update on how it went very very soon), and how inspiring it was. We decided to make another bucket list. This one will be for the entire year of 2015 and not tied to a specific age.

One category we are discussing is Creative Project. She’s thinking photography, and I’m thinking these vlogs will be it for me. We shall see.

I know you could just scroll to the bottom to see the video, but hopefully you read all this stream-of-consciousness stuff leading up to it.

I case you want to just see the videos I make on my channel, you can use this link: Cocktails with Chicago-Style Girl. Otherwise, I’ll embed the videos here and you can see them in the context of a blog post.

Thanks for reading! And now for the visual learners…

What do you think?

Two Posts in One Weekend, And More Thoughts on Vlogging

I fully intend to get back to the topics I’ve been blogging about here and there. These include: 30th birthday bucket list, wine school, what’s hot in…, and my continuing efforts to stay healthy.

I’ve got a lot more to say about those things, but I thought I would start small and see if I can even post more than once a month.

While I wait to prove to myself that I’m not completely full of crap, I’ve been catching up on your blogs. And signing up for ever more stuff.

I already told you I’ve joined Instagram. The drive and desire to post a picture that gets a lot of likes is real. That girl on the new TV show Selfie deserves more sympathy and empathy, y’all. I really like the show anyway, but take away all my meaningful real-life relationships, and I could easily become her. One week on Instagram has taught me that.

Last night, I joined Stitch Fix. It’s a pretty cool website similar to others where they send you monthly stuff. “Stuff” in this case means curated-just-for-you clothes and accessories. I had fun filling out my style profile and I look forward to seeing what they send me.

Leah over at Single Infertile Female posted pictures of her trying on the clothes they sent her. They were cool pieces that fit her style and clothing needs.

Out of the five they sent her, I think she kept two pieces. You buy what you keep, and just mail the rest back to them, in a pre-paid envelope. I’m pretty excited about the possibilities.

On a different note, I’ve done a couple of video tests on my phone to see if I like it enough to post it, but so far I don’t. The videos are nice enough. I like my voice and what I had to say. It took a couple of tries to stop using my “bedroom voice,” but I figured it out.

How does one accidentally use their bedroom voice? I don’t know, but I bet it had something to do with the fact that it was late at night and I was in my bedroom. And maybe I was trying to sound nice for the camera. I’d rather sound like me though.

I did not like the video location or my teeth either. And I kept doing this weird thing with my eyebrows. I probably do it all the time when I’m talking. How do TV people stay still for the camera? It’s so hard.

But I’m going to keep trying. Maybe I won’t focus so much on my teeth, which never benefited from braces, if I change locations. The tests so far were recorded in my bedroom with me just in my bed. The lighting is weird in there, so I had to shoot from below my eye line, instead of my preferred forehead or above height.

My apartment doesn’t have a lot of places to record, so I’m taking to the streets. Maybe with some natural light, I can shoot from a more preferred angle.

I was in the Village, Chelsea, and Harlem yesterday, so that’s three good options.




If it goes well, I will put the video in my next post.

Yet Another Hiatus, But I’m Back

Well hello everyone! I’ve been MIA for much longer than I thought. It’s been over 100 days.

In my mind, you all missed me terribly and were close to sending police to my last known residence. But then I remembered that my Twitter feed shows up on my blog, so you all knew I was alive. And also, you have your own interesting lives, so who cares why I’ve been gone.

I have done an abysmal job with blogging in general, but I’ll shortly catch up, so look for new comments on posts from 75 days ago!

So what’s going on with me?

I’m still in New York, obviously, because I’m never leaving this city, except for maybe Paris, á la Carrie Bradshaw.

I still work in organ and tissue donation, which is still an amazing job. I’m soon moving to working during the day instead of the evening. And I’ll be working longer hours, but less days. You know what that means, more time for bloggng!

Speaking of donation, we have a new ad campaign for organ donation in New York, and you should check it out, if I can figure out how to add it to this post or my blog.

Long Live New York

That link is gong to have to do because I can’t yet figure out how to add the video itself from my phone.

This phone though! If any phone (or phablet) can do it, it’d be this one. I just got the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 last week. This phone is freaking amazing!

Back to New York. This city is wonderful, and each season brings a special kind of wonderful. Fall is killing it right now. Sweaters and boots, but still warm enough to not need a coat. This type of weather only lasted for 10 days each year in Chicago, so I’m winning right now.

Speaking of which, can anyone recommend a great cobbler? NYC is hard on shoes, there’s just so much walking. Shoes that I’ve had for years couldn’t last through 5 seasons here. It’s really very sad. And I get now why people spend so much money on shoes. I bet it is a lot easier to repair a well made $300 pair of shoes that to constantly replace $40 shoes.

And hats! I need to step my hat game up. I have a business card for a shop that makes hats in different sizes, which I now need because I have a bigger head circumference with the locs.

I have already bought one hat from this great consignment shop in Soho, but it’s a tight fit. I love it so much though, it may be my go to hat once it gets (and stays) cold.


Gray hat made by grace designs, purchased at Greene Street Consignment, gray gloves from Target, and my long-sleeved HRC t-shirt Chris bought me for our anniversary

Speaking of which, I’ve made some changes physically! I almost forgot. Okay, I got a tiny tattoo in July during the World Cup finals. I dyed my hair a kinda-bright-but-not-really red color in August. And I got a nose ring when a friend from college came to visit in September.

Plus I turned 30 October 11th.

I should show pictures of all of this, no?


It's the Libra scales. The one thing I could think of that I know for sure will still be me when I am 60.


A quick rear-cam selfie to show the hair and the nose ring.


My surprise party at Reunion surf bar. It was 8 days after my birthday, which was spent in Houston at a wedding.


Not a bad way to spend a birthday, plus I was there with my best friend.

Okay, so let’s see how good of a job I do sticking around this time. If you want to see me on social media away from the blog, my Twitter is ChicagoGirlinNy,and my Instagram is chicagostylegirl.

I’ve been on Instagram for about a week, and I love it. Aside from the rampant narcissism, I enjoy the picture views into people’s lives and thoughts. But if I didn’t appreciate the self-focus, I wouldn’t blog, right?

I’ve been considering doing vlog posts in addition to or in place of regular blog posts. Any interest in that?


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