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Well Hello There!

I’ve been blogging on blogger for years. Years!

I’ve decided to try blogging on WordPress. I hear great things, and I’m too young to be set in my ways. So here I am!

I’m still navigating this new format, but I imagine I’ll have it down in no time… Maybe… I’m pretty tech savvy though… We’ll just have to see.

I want to introduce myself and give some background.

I’m 26 years old for a couple more days. I turn 27 on Tuesday. I’m a pretty stereotypical Libra. I’m engaged to a pretty stereotypical Cancer named. He’s a music teacher/musician I’m a non-profit donation coordinator. We met at a wedding last year and after a roller coaster courtship, we’re planning a wedding that will likely be way bigger and more fabulous than I intended or thought possible.

Just another Thursday night @ Andy's

My job is amazing. I work at a non-profit coordination donation for organ and tissue. It’s amazing work because I still get to save lives even though I’m not in medical school anymore (long story for another time). I will likely be talking about my job– or at least donation– here a lot. If you’re not signed up to be a donor, read up on it, learn more, and sign up!

My friends and family are pretty awesome. I’ll likely be talking about them on this blog as well. They are so much fun and when they’re not ignoring the fact that I need to sleep after working 12 hours on the night shift, they’re really amazing.

I love talking about television and politics, so that will come in as well. Disclosure: I like reality tv competitions and almost anything ABC does. I’m a life-long Democrat and I will be poking fun at Republicans for their lack of reality, hate of science, and hypocritical stances on caring for children.

I likely won’t be talking too much about my wedding since I have whole blog dedicated to it. I’m a blogger for My blog on that site can be read by clicking here.

Some other things about me:

1.My fiancé and I are shacking up cause we’re rebels. We moved into our apartment in June and it still isn’t set up. Oh the shame!

2. We have a crazy needy demanding cat full of personality who thinks she’s people. Her name is Belle. I love her a lot. I hope our co-dependent relationship doesn’t infer what type of parent I’ll be.

That iss Belle in my prom dress in our messy ass apartment. Do not ask.

I do believe that’s all I could squeeze out of my brain right now for an introduction. Wish me luck as I’m navigating this new blog. I must admit I’m kind of excited!

2 responses

  1. silverneurotic

    You know you can import your old blogs over here. All of them. 😉 So you won’t lose a single thing. If you want, I can try to guide you through the process-though not until tomorrow as it’s late and I’m tired. But yay for WordPress. Trust me, it’s nicer.

    October 12, 2011 at 22:51

    • I don’t think I want to bring over my old posts. Is that weird? I figure if someone really wants to read them, they can click the link and check them out.

      October 12, 2011 at 23:17