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An Amazing Birthday!!

I thought that my birthday was just going to be okay. Not too spectacular. I figured there would be time with the parents, the friends, and the fiancé. My expectations were set ridiculously low. I really only go all out for my birthday every other year and last year was a big birthday celebration.

My fiancé had other plans. My birthday was Tuesday, yet I celebrated it for lots and lots of days. I’m telling you, if you want a great birthday, we will figure out how to clone the fiancé, and then we’ll make it happen!

Friday: I had taken time off from work for five days starting Friday. Friday was one of my best friend’s birthday. He’s only a couple of days older than me, and we usually always celebrate at least part of our birthdays together. We were going to all get together at my apartment for drinks and maybe dinner, but those plans fell through when the fiancé got a gig unexpectedly.

Another friend of ours whose birthday was Saturday, Friday birthday friend, and I were all feeling pretty lackluster about our days. Last year had been so big and varying versions of the doldrums were getting us down. Friday birthday friend is currently (and recently) unemployed. Saturday birthday friend is a recent college graduate in a vaguely defined relationship that may or may not be going anywhere coupled with post-grad unemployment. I am suffering from an odd sensation of wanting to bury my head in the sand until after my wedding has passed.

I surprised myself when I actually wanted to go out for Friday birthday friend’s club birthday. We went to this place on West Randolph named Pasha. Sometimes it’s a tapas restaurant, but at night, it’s a dance club. The fiancé came too and we hung out. I was soooo tired from not having slept since I got off work early Friday morning. I wasn’t in the best mood. We did have a couple of drinks and hang out though, which was the important part.

Saturday: Since we called it a night pretty early the previous night (around 1:00 am), we were able to get rest and were up early enough to start our day. My whole family (old and new) had to be at the venue for my wedding for a tasting. Hors d’oeuvres, three different entrée options, three different cake options, and a dessert bar array. I was in heaven. The food was pretty tasty and we were satisfied.

Then it was off to Orland Mall where my mom and I met Saturday birthday friend. We did a bit of shopping. I got the cutest necklace. I’ve been looking for one to wear for everyday, and I like it because it makes me think of the fiancé.

The music notes perfectly match a new charm he bought for my bracelet!

This thing was regularly $69.99. I got it on an amazing sale and ended up paying less than $10.00 for it. Winning!

Then Saturday birthday friend dropped my mom and I off at my parents’ house. My father and the fiancé were there. We had a nice quiet family dinner. Short ribs, broiled catfish, greens, rice, wine, cake. It was delicious. My parents are great cooks.

I had checked a couple of my friends off the list as well as my parents. The birthday was shaping up pretty good if I do say so myself. This post is getting a little long though, so I’ll tell about the rest of the days in the next post.

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