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America’s Next Top Model, C17 E5

Last week’s episode saw Angelea get the top photo and Camille went home. I was glad to see that because I really like Angelea and can’t stand Camille. Aside from her characterization on the show, what she said about Isis in an earlier episode is still rubbing me the wrong way.

What did she say exactly? They were doing a photo shoot and she stated she wouldn’t be outdone by someone who isn’t a real woman. She needs an ass-whooping and a lesson about sex, gender, and sexuality. Asshole, good riddance.

Bianca is causing drama because of her emerging megalomania. She thinks she’s above the competition and the other girls because she’s “the real model.” This will not end well. Or maybe they’re trying to mix it up and she ends up winning the whole thing. Who knows? She has the skills to win. We’ll see. And after her drama with saintly Shannon, I feel two things. 1: bad for Bianca and 2: irritation toward Lisa. I’m ready for her to go home. That Lisa makes me root for Bianca and her delusions. That should tell you how much that girl bothers me.

Quote of the show: “It wasn’t even her fight. Celebrity rehab 4, 5, and 6 is calling her name. I’m done.” Said by Bianca about Lisa. Hilarious!

Their challenge was a carousel runway challenge. That means they will have to walk onto and off of a carousel during the runway show. I’m interested to see who has the ability to make it work. Models are known for their core strength. NOT. This challenge will be funny and interesting if nothing else. They were wearing clothes from the Kardashians for Sears line. I’ve looked at those clothes. Nobody’s waist is that small. I have a tiny tiny waist and I needed a size Large. I refuse to believe the big sister fits those clothes. And they’re not very affordable ($99 for a blazer?). But those clothes sure are hot!

The winners were Bre and Lisa. They each got take home a outfit from head to toe from the collection. Bianca had even more drama after the show. Bre had her back though, listening to all they were saying behind her back. I’m all for standing up when people are ganging up on you for being you. Lisa kept jumping in stuff that didn’t concern her. If you don’t like someone, leave them alone. I’m with Biance and Bre. We don’t have time for that high and mighty mess. Hopefully this will give Bianca what she needs to push forward and deliver a great photo at the shoot.

Their photo shoot was inspired by Michael Jackson. That makes me so happy because I’m a huge fan. LaToya Jackson was on set as the client. Tim Peterson was the photographer. LaToya actually seemed pretty helpful. I can only hope it gets through to the girls. The first person who’s shot I really wasn’t a fan of was Alexandria’s. I’m hoping she got a good photo though. Angelea was also super awkward. I was kind of hoping she’d get top photo two weeks in a row. All the other girls were great, in particular Biance, Bre, and Allison.

Shannon is officially full of shit. She walked past Bianca during the shoot and said, “rejected.” Then when Bianca got upset, Shannon played the victim. Again. “Why does she hate me so much?” “I meant it as a joke.” Why would one make a mean-spirited joke to someone they’ve been having issues with all week. I call bullshit. I call bullshit. And when Bianca said she’s supposed to be a Christian, so why is she being mean, she played the persecuted Christian card. Again I call bullshit. Yes, Christians are persecuted for their faith. But that persecution doesn’t extend to when you’re called out for doing something mean-spirited. Again I call bullshit.

I don’t really talk much about the panel and today, I’ll only say that Lisa’s outfit put Andre Leon Talley in physical pain and Bianca talked about the week’s drama with Tyra after she brought it up. Also, they let LaToya Jackson decide the entire order of the photos. This made me happy because she likes Bianca, so I figured that would increase her chances of making it through this week.

On to the top photos: Laura Kirkpatrick, Shannon Stewart, Dominique Reighard, Allison Harvard, Alexandria Everett, Kayla Ferrel, Bre Scullark, Bianca Golden.

The bottom two were Lisa D’Amato and Angelea Preston. I couldn’t imagine Angelea would be going home. LaToya didn’t choose to send anyone home. I was like, “Whaaaaaa—?!?!”

Sigh, oh well. There will be two going home next week I’m sure. Crossing my fingers that it’s Lisa.

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