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Project UnPack: A Hiccup Out The Starting Gate

I realized that though I wrote a post about how the apartment unpacking didn’t get off to a good start, didn’t actually post it. So here it is.

The fiancé and I were in the middle of an argument. Neither of us were particularly angry at first, but it was an argument nonetheless.

We’re supposed to work well together according to our zodiac signs. But I guess if you factor in how we were raised and the things we learned along the way, things diverge.

The argument started because he never looks at the serving size on any package before he eats. What’s the big deal about that, right? I mean nobody looks at serving sizes.

Well, the big deal is that he agreed to do it. The fiancé has impulse control issues and he’s overweight. And he tends to eat whenever he’s stressed. Which is why he’s eating right now.

But enough of the impulse control. That’s a post for another time. This post is about us not getting off to a good start getting our house together.
The fiancé was under the impression that we would be cleaning up at the same time. I never said that. After years of doing big spring cleanings with my whole family, I know better than to put two people in one room and give them the same task. When I said we’d do it together, I meant that we’d each do our part. He thought something different. Hence, the argument.

Add to that our differing views on portion sizes, saying what you mean, and who’s caused the other more disappointment (he’s caused waaaaaaay more for the record), and you’ve got quite an argument on your hands.

It got worse before it got better. We made up and definitely had a pretty good Tuesday date to confirm that we were back on solid ground.

And the fiancé did help with the room. In fact he’s been doing more work than I have. All my time has been spent dress shopping for my mom’s dress for my wedding, and washing clothes.  In my next post, I’ll put up pictures of the progress so far.

3 responses

  1. silverneurotic

    Are we marrying the same guy? LOL I actually had a pretty similar experience with S.D. the other night…the root being his impulsiveness in certain situations.

    October 20, 2011 at 12:33

    • We might be marrying the same guy. Our fights usually end with me cooking him dinner and him bringing me flowers, does that sound like you all?

      October 21, 2011 at 00:32

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