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America’s Next Top Model, C17 E6

Last week LaToya Jackson saved Lisa and Angelea. I started watching this episode hoping it was Lisa’s last. Just watching her talk and watching her chew and ugh, she irritates me just by standing there. They re-hashed the whole thing with Bianca and her again. Bianca is a bit much, but I like her, so I’m on her side and I’m hoping Lisa gets gone.

Bre started talking about how she’s always there for Bianca, but now it’s time for her to start thinking about herself because she’s always in the bottom three and four. By changing up her focus, she expects to do better this week.

Their first challenge is a charity flag football game. They brought in 4 NFL players (one of whom is Jahvid Best from my Fantasy Football team, woot!) and also the eliminated girls from earlier in the cycle. They split the girls into the blue team and the red team. Bianca took the game as an opportunity to settle some scores. She was on the blue team and Lisa and Shannon were on the red team. She was throwing ‘bows for real!

I have to say I enjoyed the recaps of those whoopings. And even better, the blue team won! The NFL players won $2500 each for their charities. Kayla won the challenge. Part of her prize was jewelry. The other part was a photo shoot that goes up on Tyra’s website Type F. Andre Leon Talley did the styling for the shoot. Her shoot went really well.

Their photo shoot was a “good ole bitch fight”. They had supermodel Coco Rocha posing with them. The girls got split into pairs to pose with her. The photographer was Douglas Friedman. Angelea was immediately intimidated and her shoot sucked at first. Mr. Jay took her to the side and talked her down and she got waaaay better and her shoot actually turned out alright. The look for the shoot was a couture glam modern take on the late 1970s.

Shannon was paired with Bianca. They had a lot of issues last week, but they worked it out for the shoot. They worked really well together. Good for them.

Kayla was paired with Allison. Kayla (and I) expected Allison to kill her, but Allison looked really lost and never really found her footing in the shot. Kayla did pretty well, but Mr. Jay said they both looked really amateur.

Laura was paired with Angelea. Laura kept doing this fall thing like she was getting knocked over. I already said that Angelea’s shoot didn’t start well. I hadn’t yet mentioned the tears. She started crying out of nowhere. Jay talked to her and tried to make her feel better. That was really nice of him. I felt like it was a coin flip on whether he would console her or tell her to get it together. She came back and had it together.

Alexandria was paired with Bre. They seemed to think it was a good idea to be the loudest of the day. I don’t know why Bre thought being loud would make a better picture as opposed to say… posing better. But she screamed so much and threw Coco off her game. Mr. Jay was trying to give her tips, but it didn’t go well. Alexandria also was lackluster. I was underwhelmed and everyone else seemed to be too. Later, Alexandria said, “all we needed to do was be loud.” Then she and Bre high-fived. Uh… no… hell no. I think that was the dumbest thing said this entire episode and Lisa did a lot of talking.

Lisa was paired with Dominique. Dominique looked beautiful. Lisa was over-the-top. Over-the-top could work for this type of shoot. Mr. Jay was really impressed with their shoot. He said they were the perfect trio of the day. They should have a great photo.

At panel, they jumped right into the photos. Not much worth mentioning, except that they all thought Bianca upstaged Shannon in their photo though they both looked good. That makes me happy cause I think that Shannon is a bit full of crap about her whole sensitivit thing. She does some mean ass and wild girl ass shit that the camera keeps catching and I call bullshit.

The top photos were: Dominique Reighard, Lisa D’Amato, Bianca Golden, Angelea Preston, Allison Harvard, Kayla Ferrel, Shannon Stewart, and Laura Kirkpatrick.

The bottom two were Alexandria Everett and Bre Scullark. They were in the bottom two, showing their “all we needed to do was be loud” strategy didn’t work out so well. Bre feels guarded except in this last shoot. Her performance on set didn’t translate to a good photo. Alexandria used to have amazing photos in her previous cycle, but not so much in this cycle. The judges felt like she was losing her competitive edge and getting soft.

Alexandria got picked to stay. Bre didn’t even wait to say good bye. She hugged Alexandria and then walked away. Poor Bianca looked like she was about to cry. I wonder how she will do in the next episode.

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