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Visiting The Strippers’ House

This is a post about my wedding. And about the strippers’ house. Where is the strippers’ house? It’s the strip club, of course.

I usually don’t talk about the wedding planning process here on this blog. Why would I? I have an entire blog where they let me talk about my wedding planning. But, there’s no way I’m talking about strippers on that blog. My future mother-in-law, prospective vendors, tons of strangers, and God knows who else reads that blog.

But I certainly don’t mind talking about strippers here. So what about strippers? Well, the fiancé wants us to have a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. I think it could be fun and we love having all our friends together at once, so it will work. We’ve assigned the task of getting this joint party together to our maids-of-honor and best men (we each have one).

My maid-of-honor has also brought in one of my bridesmen to help her. They called me while I was at work tonight to tell me what they came up with so far. As soon as they mentioned the word “stripper,” I stepped out of the office so no one would hear me talking about strippers. I wouldn’t want my co-workers to hear me, get excited, and then be disappointed that they couldn’t come to the party.

The idea my two awesome friends came up with is to have the party in 3 parts. Part 1: Strippers! Part 2: Dance Club! Part 3: Chill House Party Environment.

I love those three parts and I think it will be a lot of fun. My maid-of-honor lives in New York City and likely won’t be back in the city until the holidays. But she’s a planner and wants to have a concrete planned pegged down for the party because she’s awesome. That’s where the bridesman (who will also be joining the fiancé and I for brunch on Sunday) comes in.

She asked him to go to the strippers’ house and check them out. The particular club they’re looking at has both male and female strippers which is perfect for our co-ed party. And she wanted him to visit the club to assess if they’ll have enough space for our group and if it’s really the type of place we want to party at.

He said at first he didn’t want rumors to get out that he went to a stripper’s house. But we quickly became amused with the cleverness of the phrase “the strippers’ house” and began cracking more jokes.

It’s definitely better to go see the strippers at their house so you don’t have to put down a tarp at your place.

Also, being at their house gives you more variety. What if you only bring over a light-skinned big breasted stripper and someone wanted a dark-skinned large-booty stripper?

After dissolving into laughter as if I’m not almost 30, I got off the phone and got back to work. But I’m looking forward to seeing how the house visit goes for my friend. Hopefully, he’ll have gone by the time we go to brunch on Sunday and I can report back.

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! I might stay in our break room if I had to talk about strippers… I love screwing with my managers and they totally know that, plus I like messing with my girls at work too. I definitely would be tempted, and would maybe do it just to get the priceless looks on their faces. 😀

    October 28, 2011 at 22:49

    • Lol, that would make a pretty funny story to imagine.

      October 31, 2011 at 10:34