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America’s Next Top Model, C17 E7

The episode started with Lisa talking about how now that Bre was gone, Bianca didn’t have a bodyguard anymore. After that whooping Bianca gave her during the flag football game, I’d love to see what Lisa thinks she can do to Bianca with her “bodyguard” gone. Please.

Alexandria talked about how she got knocked off her game when Tyra said her picture looked like a reality TV star. Now that I know the point of this week’s photo shoot, I bet Tyra said that to give her a boost. They’re suppose to pose as reality TV stars at the shoot. Tyra really likes Alexandria, and I think she was trying to give her a heads up for exactly what she could do to get a good picture in this shoot.

Shannon drives me crazy! She said they want her pictures to be edgier, but she refused to go “raunchy” even to win this competition because it’s not part of her brand. That girl drives me crazy!!! How does edgy equate to raunchy? Looking like something other than a Precious Moments angel doesn’t mean you have to look like Lisa with her mouth open and legs spread apart in every shot. There is a middle ground. Sheesh!

Their challenge was to create a signature perfume scent. The girls were pretty excited about this challenge . They brought in Ben Bennett who works behind the scene with a lot of fragrances. They each picked three scents and his team blended them together to make each girl’s signature scent.

Lisa: “Neon” is supposed to be a fun girly scent that like a wild party on the beach.

Laura: “Love” is supposed to be a sassy and sexy scent.

Dominique: “Survivor”

Shannon: “Smitten” represents pure. How does smitten represent pure? I dunno.

Angelea: “Angelea” I love that she named her scent after herself. She’s confident without being a megalomaniac like… ahem…. Bianca. I love Bianca, but that girl’s opinion of herself borders on too high. But Miss Angelea is just right.

Allison: “Honey Blood” If you watched her cycle, you totally get it. It may end up only being sold in Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters, but hey, it fits her brand.

Kayla: “Free” I hear crickets, is anybody surprised or impressed by that? That girl really took her brand name to heart and she is using circular knowledge and definitions to support it. Free doesn’t equate to proud lesbian or a meager upbringing only, honey. If you want more mass appeal, step from behind the vagina and the double wide!

Bianca : “Candid” she also chose to use her brand name. It’s supposed to be for tough bad girls. I don’t know that I buy tough bad girl when she’s afraid of everything, but I guess you can be a tough bad girl without being adventurous.

Alexandria: “Diamondatrix” It’s definitely unique and interesting. They showed the girls being incredibly bored while she was getting her scent together. It was kind of funny. I really like her, but I”m guessing the producers don’t because they seem to try and get her to appear negatively in every way possible.

The second part of the challenge was to sell their fragrances to a crowd– from a bathtub. Bianca didn’t like the idea. She had a very interesting reasoning. She said Tyra would never sell her fragrance from a bathtub. She’s probably right about that. She wants to be taken seriously and not be a gimmick. I can understand that, but I can only imagine how this will go over. And giving up her chance at immunity (which will be given to the challenge winner) ahead of time isn’t the smartest decision.

The crowd gave the girls each a score, the highest scorer according to the crowd wins. It was interesting watching the ladies try and sell their brands. Some of the girls did a good job of representing their scents. Others didn’t. The prize was really amazing. There in an America’s Next Top Model scent coming out and the winner of the challenge will be the face of that scent. It’s a million dollar campaign. They didn’t say how much the girl got paid though. But it’s still a big deal. The winner was: Lisa. I guess it’s easy to say you’re gonna be wild and then go “Whoooo!” for two hours. Whatevs.

Their photoshoot was to portray reality TV stars. The photographer was Mike Rosenthal.  Alexandria didn’t take this shoot as an opportunity to do what she knew was going to work well, she took it as a bigger challenge to look high fashion. Oh well. Shannon didn’t know how to be a reality TV star because she doesn’t watch those shows. Whatever, you see the magazines in the grocery store, or watch Saturday Night Live or something. Come on girl.

Kathy Griffin was the guest judge for this week’s panel. She’s hilarious and I can only imagine the critiques she’ll give. And she was hilarious of course. The girls were right about this being a double elimination. I love that the judges didn’t even mention it until it was time to hand out photos. They should be getting closer to getting a plane to another country soon, so two had to go.

The top photos were: Lisa D’Amato, Angelea Preston, Laura Kirkpatrick, Alexandria Everett, Allison Harvard, Dominique Reighard.

The bottom three were Shannon Stewart, Kayla Ferrel, and Bianca Golden. Shannon is seen as somebody who is too safe to stand out. Kayla also doesn’t stand out, and is too watered down. Bianca’s problem is that the judges fear she isn’t coachable. The girl who got the photo is Shannon.

I was so surprised. Seriously, Shannon? She’s so boring and plain and safe. Tyra wants to give her another chance. I guess we’ll see if her chance was worth it. It’s interesting that at the beginning of the episode, Kayla and Bianca were having a conversation about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They both thought the other had a fatal flaw, but I had no idea that they were both so right about the other. Ugh, if it were up to me, I would have gotten rid of Shannon over Bianca any day. I guess I just don’t like her boring ass.

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