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America’s Next Top Model, C17 E8

The first challenge the girls they had to star in their own music video. The idea is that to be famous in these times is to have a video go viral on the internet. They had this little girl, Madison, who is a YouTube sensation do the Tyra mail. From the video, it looked like the girls had to write their own songs as well. That had to end in disaster because they each have multiple talents, but I doubt any of them are song writers.

The goal is for the video to go viral. I wonder if the girl who wins is the one who gets the most hits online They brought in Tom Polce who is a music producer for CBS Records to co-write the songs and produce the music videos. There are tracks already done for each girl. They have 20 min to write lyrics to it. Allison was worried because she doesn’t sing.

Turns out the winner of the challenge is the one who gets picked by the producer as the best. The prize is that the winner gets a loved one flown in to visit them. Lisa won the song writing challenge, which wasn’t really a surprise since she’d been writing songs for years. Her fiancé is who she expected to fly out to see her. But before that happened, these girls went to the studio, and ooooh, it was rough. They are not all singers. In fact, only a couple of them could sing. Allison seemed to have been worried for no reason. Her song was emotional and she could sing pretty well, relatively speaking. Lisa’s fiancé came to visit. And she was happy. Yay.

The next step was the music video each girl had to do for their song. While they were in hair and makeup, The Game came in. Angelea freaked out. That girl is on top of pop culture, I tell ya. She freaks out every time they bring a man on, but she extra freaked out this time. It was pretty funny. She’s so adorable when she’s star struck. He was actually there to direct their music videos.

The videos weren’t too remarkable. Alexandria’s was remarkably bad. As dramatic as she is, I expected more, but you can’t win them all. Lisa’s was amazing. Laura’s was cute. Shannon finally found something that fits her brand that felt genuine. Of course, it’s not hard to look angelic with sheer hanging sheets floating around you. Angelea also wasn’t so hot. I expected more from her. Allison’s video looks like it was going to turn out really well. Like, really really well.

In panel, they went through each girl’s song. I don’t think any of them sucked. I don’t really get into the whole viral video thing, so I wasn’t a fan of Tyra and small fry in all the vids, but whatever. I have to admit, seeing Lisa’s video, I was really impressed. Hers looked like a real music video and Tyra and small fry even fit into it. I dare say it was the best by far. She reached her goal of being 700% better than everyone else. The only girl who came close was Allison and that was more about her vulnerability and beauty than anything else.

The top girls were: Allison Harvard, Lisa D’Amato (who had a BF that Allison beat her), Dominique Reighard, Laura Kirkpatrick, and Shannon Stewart.

The bottom two were Angelea Preston and Alexandria Everett. Alexandria wasn’t doing so good as being more than a model. Angelea wasn’t being fun to watch. Angelea was picked to stay. Her performance was stronger than Alexandria’s. I will miss Alexandria, I really liked her, but she didn’t really ever perform up to par this competition. Oh well. And then there were six.

They have to be getting ready to leave the country sometime soon. I figure they’ll bring it up in the next episode. I also can’t wait to hear what Lisa had to say about not getting best video in the next episode.

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