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America’s Next Top Model, C17 E9

This week they started off with the girls congratulating Angelea for sticking around after she and Alexandria were in the bottom two. I think this is the first season where all the people who were causing drama and contention in the house get gone soon. Bianca is gone and Alexandria is gone. Lisa doesn’t seem to bother anyone else as much as she bothers me, so she’s still around.

And of course, the show had to stir up some drama. There are only 6 girls left, so what could there possibly be? Well, it turns out that Angelea isn’t really a fan of Dominique. She wants to like her, but she just doesn’t. She thinks Dominique isn’t being genuine. I can understand that. She loves her, but she’s not in love with her.

I knew the international trip was coming up, and I was excited to see how it would be introduced. My favorite introductions so far is anytime they go to Asia. This season…. they’re going to Greece! It was introduced by two men walking into the girls’ house behind Andre Leon Talley and ending up smashing stacks of plates on the floor. It wasn’t exactly and Opa! moment, but it got the point across once it was explained. Then a Greece banner unfolded. They danced around a bit, then went and packed for the flight.

When they land in Athens, Greece, they are greeted by Miss J and the host of America’s Next Top Model Greece. She tells them they have a challenge they have to do. They are taking  a short flight to Crete and they will have to do a press conference when they get there, complete with Greek words. It’s a challenge and the winner gets a piece of jewelry from one of Greece’s most exclusive jewelers.

Lisa went first, and she made them laugh and seemed appealing enough until she invited them all, “let’s rock and roll!!!”. Allison said a ton of Greek words and Miss J really liked her. Shannon got up on her soap box and you could hear the crickets. Dominique has terrible pronunciation of Greek words; just God-awful (great dress though). Poor dyslexic Laura got lost as soon as she said, “I’m Laura,” but at least she’s adorable. Angelea continues to impress me with how much class she can exude, that is until she asks for the bathroom.

Angelea would have won the challenge had she not asked for the bathroom. Allison ended up winning and she got a gorgeous piece of bling. The next morning, they brought in Michael Cinco to design a gown for them to wear in the final runway show. Only the top two girls walk in the show, so that’s some intrigue for coming weeks. I’m looking forward to see who’s dress comes to life.

For their photo shoot, the girls are shooting in a Greek salad modelling in underwear. Shannon has decided she doesn’t do underwear years and years ago. Too bad it wasn’t a bikini shoot, because she’d do a damn string bikini, but not boy shorts. Whatever. The photographer is Nikos Papadopoulos, who shoots for Greece’s Vogue.

The stylist for the shoot told Shannon it was easier to change the model than the prototype. I was cracking up because she started her statement with, “no offense.” Shannon decided not to do the shoot. Maybe self-righteous Barbie can finally go home. Dominique did really well on her shoot, and I’m glad for her that she’s managed to bring out her sexy and feminine side. Angelea also did well, at least once she laid down. Not that many people would look that good pouring olive oil on themselves in a huge bowl of Greek salad.

Laura was feeling well, and I was really hoping it wouldn’t affect her shoot. Allison didn’t do so well because the sun was too bright and when she opened her eyes they teared up. Luckily for her, Shannon is probably guaranteeing the safety of all the girls this week. Lisa walks on set and immediately irritated me again. Do you know the difference between good and well? When you should use well, good, better, etc.? Yeah, Lisa doesn’t know the difference. I used gooder in a blog post title on purpose. She used the word well when she should have used the word good. She might as well have said irregardless or mixed up when to use I versus me. That type of ignorance just drives me up a wall. It’s one thing to not know, it’s another to behave as if you’re well learned on the subject and just be dead wrong. Yuck.

But on another note, Lisa’s shoot possibly went well. They didn’t actually show any reaction of the other girls or Mr. Jay or the photographer. Whatever. Laura got in the bowl and it went well for her, but it’s wasn’t amazing. Shannon was hoping that because she stuck true to her brand, she wouldn’t get penalized for not doing the shoot. Here’s hoping she was dead wrong.

They launched right into the photo analysis at panel and the girls photos were all pretty good. The look on Nigel’s face when Shannon walked up was priceless. He was just over it. He mentioned how all the other girls looked like they were wearing bikinis and not underwear. If I were a producer of this show, I would’ve picked that shoot too, if only to try and show Shannon how ridiculous she was being. Moving on. The rest of the photos were good too. There wasn’t one bad photo in the bunch.

The top photos were: Dominique Reighard, Allison Harvard, Angelea Preston, and Lisa D’Amato.

The bottom two were Laura Kirkpatrick and Shannon Stewart. They think Laura isn’t really sticking with her brand of being lovable and adorable from week to week. They think Shannon is sticking to her brand in a way that’s confusing.

The girl who stayed was: Laura Kirkpatrick. Tyra told her she had to embrace her brand a little better. They said bye to Shannon and wished her well on her journey. Good riddance Self-Righteous Barbie.

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