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America’s Next Top Model, C17 E10

Dominique got best photo last week, and her photo displayed in the house really did look beautiful. Her underwear looked like a bathing suit and it didn’t seem at all weird that she was laying in a bowl of oversized Greek salad. The main joy I got from seeing her picture is knowing that I won’t have to hear Shannon equivocating anymore. “I won’t wear underwear.” Whatevs, good riddance.

They keep showing Angelea giving her opinions about Dominique. She thinks she’s a better model than Dominique and she’s seriously confused as to why the judges think Dominique’s picture was better than hers. I wonder if there is something brewing that they’ve been building up to these last couple episodes or if they’re just trying to find some drama because there isn’t any in the house anymore. But perhaps they just wanted to start a story about Angelea’s insecurities. She does have a lot of those.

For the challenge, the girls had to evaluate each other with constructive criticism, whether positive or negative. It’s as if it was a casting, but for each girl the judge is all the other girls still in the competition. Laura was up first, then Lisa, then Allison, and then the others. Right away, there was a mix of good and bad comments. None of them were really wrong, but they definitely weren’t all constructive.

As part of the challenge, they had each girl say who didn’t deserve to win. Laura, Lisa, and Allison all wouldn’t pick one person. But Dominique, now my girl, she definitely did! She picked Angelea because of her lack of confidence. Wasn’t expecting that one from Ms. Positive, but I liked it. And oooh did she open up a can of worms! Each girl tried to explain to Angelea that she had a wall up and always took things negatively and could use more confidence. She walked out and said the girls could kiss her ass. Way to prove exactly what they were saying. You took it negatively, put your wall up, and walked out and retreated instead of discussing it like an adult. I like Angelea, but damn that girl could use a look in the mirror.

For their photo shoot, they’re shooting on a cliff with a beautiful view. The shoot is for ancient Greece, especially the Olympics. They’re using fashion accessories that re-create some of the ancient Olympic sports. The photographer is Nigel Barker, one of the judges. I love when he’s the photographer. Dominique was up first. Her shoot went well, but Nigel found himself wondering who she was. They interspersed that with shots of Angelea calling Dominique boring. I know from previous cycles that once Nigel determines your personality can’t be sussed out, you’re screwed until you step it up.

Allison was worried about her shoot since she was voted the girl with the least potential during the challenge. She didn’t really get it when Nigel explained how she should be using the discus. She was awkward, but then got better as the shoot went on. Lisa was doing hurdles, and I wonder how it’s going to go. Nigel criticized her for jumping previously, so she was playing it safe. He fussed at her and got her back on track. She did so amazing after that, at least according to Nigel and Mr. Jay. I couldn’t tell the shots because she was jumping.

Laura did archery. She also had a birdcage type veil mask thing over her face. I hope she can push through that veil. It’s been many a girl’s downfall in previous cycles. Nigel and Mr. Jay were loving her shots. Angelea was the shotput. Nigel felt that she didn’t really get the idea and then was very awkward. I can’t imagine how her best shot is going to look.

The girl’s photos in panel looked all pretty good. No one really bombed, but that’s pretty much expected from these girls. The top photos were: Laura Kirkpatrick, Allison Harvard, and Lisa D’Amato. The bottom two were Angelea Preston and Dominique Reighard. Dominique’s problem was that she wasn’t memorable. Angelea is memorable, but her pictures weren’t as good as Dominique’s. Also, the judges worried that she breaks under pressure.

They picked Angelea to stay. Memorable wins the day. Tyra really encouraged her to find her strength because they next stages of the competition are not going to be like previous cycles. Poor Dominique will probably develop a phobia about photographing with Nigel Barker now. On both of her cycles, she’s gone home the week Nigel was the photographer. Anyway, I’m excited to see what will be coming up in these episodes leading up to the final.

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