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America’s Next Top Model, C17 E12

I skipped episode 11 because it was just highlights from the season. I’ve been watching and re-capping the whole season, so I am not even going to cover it.

They started off this episode with Angelea talking about how she was attacked the previous week. Lisa saw her vulnerability and felt that she had a better chance because Angelea couldn’t handle the pressures of this life. I wonder how the judges feel about Angelea’s volatility.

Their challenge was to write a blog for Vogue Italia. Being a blog writer is one of the prizes, so doing good on this challenge was a great way to show they would do well with winning the competition. They were to pick out an outfit, and go to a location, take photos, and write about being in Crete for a couple weeks. Each girl had an angle that fit who they were and their brand. Nigel came back to collect their blogs and he and Franca Sozzani went over them and chose a winner. They were to reveal the winners the next evening.

Tyra wrote a book. It’s called Modelland. She decided to make a motion editorial for it. It’s like an editorial picture, except on film. She goes through the whole things as if it’s a small movie, and it would take two days to shoot. They will show the finished product over two weeks of judging. This week they’ll show the beginning and choose the top three. Next week, they’ll show the finish and the editorial will show who wins this Cycle.

The shoot itself was pretty interesting to watch, but there’s not much to recap without going into the plot of the book. If you care about that, buy the book. Lisa did really well in the shoot. I feel like they set Laura up not to do well. She had a scene where she had to pour endless amounts of whipped cream into her mouth. How can anyone do that and not appear overtly sexy? Angelea had an emotional moment, but it worked for her scene. Allison was having trouble with her eyes, but she also did well.

After the day’s shooting, Nigel came by to see the girls while they were having dinner. Did I mention I hate the way Lisa chews? Yuck. Allison’s blog was too high-fallutin’. Laura had a good blog, but it didn’t fit her brand. Lisa’s blog was good, but they wanted more fashion talk. Angelea’s blog was good. She talked about fashion, compared the land to where she was from, and exhibited a certain amount of class. They picked Angelea to win. It was her first challenge win and she won a trip back to Greece for 7 days for 2 people. Good for her. I like when she proves to herself and others that she’s got what it takes.

The second day of shooting was cool too. Also, Tyson Beckford is the guy in this editorial. He’s the world’s best known male supermodel. Angelea of course had a fit when he walked in. He ended up being the guest judge that week. Not much else to mention, so I’ll move on.

I loved Tyra’s outfit in the judging panel. I love suspenders and capes, I never thought they could go together. I want that outfit, but not that color. My wedding dress is the only taupe thing I like wearing. I hated what Allison was wearing. Electric green pants? Really? Sigh. The motion editorial was… interesting. I get the concept of how it’s supposed to be, but it’s not… my kind of art. But I found it interesting to be sure… I was tickled because after they showed it, Tyra kept asking the girl, “how was that for you?’

The top two were: Lisa D’Amato and Angelea Preston. The bottom two were Allison Harvard and Laura Kirkpatrick. They were worried that Laura’s bubbly personality wasn’t enough. They were worried that Allison’s introverted personality wasn’t enough. Ultimately, they went with Allison. She is the better model, but she’s also more unique and that’s was prevailed. Tyra told her she really had to shine in terms of personality in the next week. We’ll see who wins.

If I had to pick now, I’d say, Lisa is most likely to win, but I’d prefer Angelea to win.

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