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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like A Chicago-Style Christmas

Christmas for me in Chicago has looked increasingly different as the years have gone by. When I was a child, the chances of a white Christmas were near certain. Somewhere around high school, about ten years ago, it became less likely. Anyone who doubts global warming ought to move to Chicago for the winter. There are freezing cold days, but those are waaaay fewer than the days where we say, “why the hell does it feel so not cold?”

Case in point: It snowed on Monday. They were big beautiful snowflakes, the type you can only get when the temperature is right around 30°F. I sat at work that night watching in joy, thinking it might be our first real snow. In Chicago, no such luck. The snow was gone two hours later. No-sign-of-it-ever-existing gone. It looked like it had been drizzling outside.

I want snow!! Is that so much to ask? If I have to freeze my ass off, I should get snow. If I have to spend all these nights at work instead of snuggling in bed with the fiancé, I should at least get to look out the windows at beautiful snow. If I have to choose between bulky sweaters with a God-awful bulky coat or a cute coat with too-thin clothes, I should at least get snow.

I miss driving through the streets of my city starting from Thanksgiving on, seeing Christmas lights, snowflakes falling, and listening to Christmas music. I’ve still got the music, but not much else. Too warm for snow, too recession for lights.

I will be okay though because I still have my imagination. I’m thinking of al the great things I can do in the snow whenever it arrives (hopefully not in blizzard form like last winter).

1)Make a snowman with my new nieces (they’re not new to the world, just to me; they’re 5).

2)Buy even more scarves than I already own just to make sure I have one that matches every outfit.

3)Play in the snow without a hat because my hair is locked and won’t get ruined by getting wet.

4)Get frisky with the fiancé because he’ll keep me warm.

5)Drive down quiet streets in the morning when people are hesitant to go out into the fresh snow.

The possibilities are endless, if the damn snow would just come on already!

2 responses

  1. Wow. I hate snow. But you just made me realize something. The city didn’t put up the christmas lights! I hadn’t noticed so I hadn’t missed them I guess. It really does affect the feeling of christmas.

    But you can have the snow. ALL OF IT!

    December 10, 2011 at 08:13

    • You hate snow?! I’m trying not to judge…

      December 13, 2011 at 20:49