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Christmas Shopping For The Fiancé

A recent post I read on Inside The Nice Guy got me thinking about my Christmas present for the fiancé. While I’m definitely interested in making our gifts to others mean something altruistic and all that crap, I want to get him a real present.

To me the perfect present has several components.

1) It’s not cheap, but also not so expensive that they’ll feel you’ve spent too much or are trying to show off.

2) It’s thoughtful. It needs to be a gift that couldn’t be easily given to another person.

3) It’s useful. I love pretty figurines as much as the next girl, but a great gift can actually be used by the recipient.

4) It’s unique. It should be something that only someone who knows them well would decide was a great purchase.

5) It’s unexpected. You shouldn’t have to throw them off the trail because you’re buying something they’ve been drooling over for months. That type of gift is better as a just-because gift.

6) It’s cherished/memorable as a gift from you. Getting something where every time they look at it or use it, they think of you is always a good goal.

All of those components can add up to a pretty tall order for a gift. I think I have found that for the fiancé. He reads my blog, so I’m not going to say what it is. I’ve done some preliminary research, and I have to do some follow-up research, but I think it’s going to be good.

It’s not cheap, it’s thoughtful, it’s very useful. It’s unique in my circle more-so than his, but that still counts. It’s unexpected and on that note, I feel I should take the moment to say, “baby, I’m not buying you a iPhone. Buy your own damn iPhone.” I know that sounds harsh, but he’s used to it.

My gift idea is also unique and it will be cherished. I know that every time he uses it, he’ll take a moment to fondly think of what I got him. I never would have thought it before we got together, but I love that the fiancé is so sentimental and emotional. He tells me he loves me 50 times a day. He tells me he misses me when I’ve been gone 5 minutes.

I probably don’t let him know I appreciate it often enough, but I never get tired of hearing all the wonderful things he says to me. He says more, I do more. It’s our love languages and all that. But enough mushy stuff.

This gift will be amazing. I just need to go to a store or two and confirm I’m making the right purchase. And fend off questions from the fiancé that are sure to come once he reads this post.

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