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Everyone Has That One Flaky [Insert Title Here]

Everyone has one. that one flaky person in their life, two if they’re unlucky. It’s a flaky co-worker. Or a flaky friend. Or a flaky bridesmaid.

I’ve got one of those. Most of my friends have been in my life for 10+ years. My oldest still-close friend is a chick I met in 1990-ish, so we’ve known each other for 20-ish years, and she’s awesome. That’s a long ass time. But this post isn’t about how awesome one of my best friends is.

This post is about my flaky friend. Luckily, I have only the one friend. Unluckily, she is one of my bridesmaids. Let me tell you a story to help illustrate my point.

My bridesmaids are all wearing the same dress to my wedding. We ordered these dresses at the end of the summer and they were supposed to be delivered in mid-December to my parents’ house. The gorgeous dresses arrived right on schedule.

The downside to their arrival is that the store requested that if we needed to order different sizes, we should send the dresses back in a week. Within this week, I was working 5 night shifts. That left a Saturday and Sunday afternoon to gather the bridesmaids to try on the dresses. They were all available Sunday (except the law student in the middle of finals) so that’s the day we picked.

Most of the bridesmaids go to my church. They came over after to church and began trying on dresses. My aunt, uncle and cousin came over so my cousin who is a jr bridesmaid could try on her dress. My sister (in-law) came over with her twin daughters (the flower girls) and our niece (the other jr bridesmaid) to try on their dresses. So we had everybody there.

Merriment and sadness ensued. Some dresses fit perfectly. Okay, two dresses fit perfectly, and the others… not so much. I’m glad to report that we only have to order two new dresses, one for a jr bridesmaid and one for a bridesmaid. We worked it out for almost all the bridesmaids.

There was the law student who had to come on Monday for her dress. An there was also my flaky friend. My flaky bridesmaid friend. She said she could come Saturday, not Sunday, at first. But then Saturday, she said she would have to come Sunday. Then Sunday, she said she wasn’t sure if she could make it before I had to leave for work.

The other bridesmaids came, tried on their dresses, hung out for laughs and giggles, and then headed home. In all that time, flaky bridesmaid friend still wasn’t sure she could come. No one was surprised. No one was even upset. I guess after lots of cancelled plans, with her missing my engagement party and makeup parties, no one even expected her to show.

She did make it to my bridal shower, but that was under threat from the rest of the bridesmaids. I had such low hopes, so I was elated when it was very close to the time for me to leave for work and she sent me a text saying she was getting on the expressway.

She got to my parents’ house 15 minutes before I was supposed to leave for work. I sent out  a text to the rest of the girls and they were all really really surprised.

I’ve told that long ass story to say that if you have a flaky co-worker, or friend, or bridesmaid, he/she may surprise you. They may show up just in the nick of time.

My friend is likely still flaky as hell, but she saved me the extra money it would cost to send those dresses back late. I have renewed faith that she will be reliable on my wedding weekend. I just doubt that the holiday slumber party she has planned for right after the new year will actually happen. We’ll see.

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  1. Its your wedding day. I sure hope she comes through because if not…*shaking my fist*

    December 28, 2011 at 14:54

    • Lol! I will let you know. I hope I can count on her…

      December 28, 2011 at 21:08

  2. l smell a hint of jealousy somewhere in there. I had to deal with a similar situation when I was getting married and the truth came out many years later. It’s normal to have ONE in the bunch that’s a tad bit jealousof you during this very special time in your life. It doesn’t mean that she is not a good friend but you know that green eyed monster is buried deep down in all of us and rears it’s ugly head from time to time. Some of us are just stronger than others and keep it buried! I pray that she comes through for you in the end and that your wedding day is everything you want it to be.

    December 30, 2011 at 08:37

  3. I hope she’s not jealous. I thnk it’s mostly a series of bad decisions that start to affect those around her. I believe my wedding will turn out alright.

    January 3, 2012 at 00:44

  4. I hope she’s not either. Unfortunately, that was the case for me though. It was painful but we got through it. She’ll come through you!

    January 4, 2012 at 16:54

    • If you got through it, I can too. You know, in case she follows her pattern and flakes out on me…

      January 6, 2012 at 23:12