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A Quick Recap of My Wedding Day

So in case you didn’t know, my wedding was scheduled for February 11th. The husband and I decided to get married on Feb 8th, but we still had the big wedding Saturday.

After having the intimate private ceremony fulls of hugs and tears on Wednesday, we were ready for Saturday. We had our rehearsal dinner, where the husband kept repeating the phrase, “this was a terrible idea.”

He was really overwhelmed by being in a room with 100 people all clamoring for his attention and not caring that he was already occupied.

After Friday night, we woke up Saturday to get ready. The entire wedding party besides me, my maid of honor, my best man, one of the groomsmen, and one of the jr. bridesmaids were woefully behind schedule.

We were to take wedding party pics at 2, but only had time for a few before the ceremony. They kept trying to push the ceremony back to wait for more people to arrive. I had to give a speech in which I conveyed that I cared more about the 4 pm sun than the late guests, and they got the point. We sent the first bridal party member down the aisle at 4:06.

I wish I had more pics, but all I’ve got is a cell phone pic a friend sent. I’ll have more shots soon because our photographer is awesome.

The ceremony was great. Some highlights were: the husband’s brother going down the aisle on wedding-decorated crutches; my father and me cracking up on our way down the aisle; the hot peppers my pastor has us eat for our traditional African tasting of the elements; how beautiful and handsome all our friends looked; and how beautiful yet damn heavy my bouquet was.

Some highlights from the reception: our friend who caught the garter giving our friend who caught the bouquet a serious lap dance before finally putting the garter on her leg; our first dances that were both hilarious and emotional; our amazing DJ who kept the party going all night; how tasty the food was; all the soul train lines that kept breaking out; seeing old friends who made the journey from out of state to be with us.

Everyone says they had an amazing time and even though I was feeling pretty resentful of the large wedding, I’m so glad the day went well. Since we were already married, it made the day so much better. We just had a great time and enjoyed our guests. I quite accidentally had the best wedding ever.
I’m not on Facebook, but from what the husband tells me, it’s still abuzz with tales of people’s wedding experiences. Friends re-connecting, new romances begun, family reunions oh my.

Enjoy my one measly pic and I’ll put up more soon, I promise.

4 responses

  1. Yay! Congrats again to you two.

    February 18, 2012 at 10:13

  2. GP

    Congratulations!! You all look so beautiful together! 🙂

    February 19, 2012 at 22:02