Musings of a Chicago-Born New Yorker

Thoughts on Love and Marriage

I wrote about love as one of the foundations of my relationship. In the time since I wrote that post, I’ve been working hard. I’ve been working on letting my guard down and not being so worried about self-preservation that I can’t feel love as deeply as I have before.

As we were leading up to the wedding, I admit I felt pressure to get it together. I don’t think I felt like the wedding was going to change anything in my relationship, but I was wrong. It changed my perceptions of how things should be and feel.

It took all I had not to rush my love recovery. I didn’t want it to be about the wedding. I wanted it to be about us as a couple. I wanted to get back to the feelings I had and not worry about what it meant for our wedding day.

The husband really helped with that. Getting married earlier than the wedding really helped with that. There was no longer this pressure to be all happy and extra in love and all that crap in front of 300 people on Saturday. We were just us.

And now that I’m officially someone’s wife, it feels even better. I didn’t rush our recovery, but I didn’t stop working either. I know that to me marriage means forever. I’m just glad the husband had patience with me and trust in me to get back to where we were. I just wanted to have this post to make it clear (in case it wasn’t already clear) that I’m back. Yay.

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