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Name Change Motivation

I expect that all these posts about being married are riveting to everyone, but I’m newly married and this is all I know. It happens.

So, about this whole name change thing. I have renewed motivation. Friends of ours, who happen to already be married, are having a wedding in April.

Their wedding is going to be on a cruise ship. Well it has to be at one of the docking ports, but it’s run by the cruise ship and they throw you a cocktail hour and reception. The husband and I are particularly delighted by that because there an open bar and unlimited ice cream at both. We’re sometimes very easy to please.

When we paid our balance, we changed my name on the reservation to my married name. Now I’ve got to get my stuff changed. I can’t use my birth certificate anymore. I’ll need a passport. Those take weeks, and I’ve got to get on it.

Wish me luck that the procrastination fairy doesn’t win. I need to whoop her ass and send her packing. In a non-violent way of course. She’s my friend usually.

2 responses

  1. silverneurotic

    Oh boy…this is totally making me reconsider changing my name when I get married.

    February 29, 2012 at 20:44

    • Lol, perhaps it’s easier where you come from. Or you can do one of these websites. They are a Godsend.

      March 4, 2012 at 02:52