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Keeping Track of the Candidates

I follow politics pretty closely. I don’t often blog about it because I’m usually thinking about other things. But in light of the recent Republican presidential primary races in Michigan and Arizona, I simply must comment.

How great has this been so far? A reality TV producer couldn’t come up with such twisted machinations. The rise and fall of front-runners, the changes in who wins or loses, the roller coaster polls are all just so delicious.

As a supporter of Obama, it’s really satisfying to watch the field of candidates get less and less desirable. I can’t wait until Romney is chosen as the nominee and all those who don’t trust him to be conservative pretend like they support him.

Or better yet, Santorum could be chosen as the nominee and all the sane people have to pretend they support him.

The only one who could probably beat Obama is Gingrich, but he’ll never be the nominee. It will be between a man with 3 degrees and a devout religion who’s against college and for freedom of religion as long as his is the only one people listen to and a man with unlimited money and an odd religion who makes a buffoon out himself anytime he mentions either.

Good times. Nothing makes me happier than reading the latest New York Times opinion piece by Maureen Dowd, Charles Blow, Frank Bruni, or Gail Collins, especially when they’re about Republicans.

Here’s what I know: the Republicans aren’t leaving a lot of room for moderation. They want someone who’s on the fringe, or at least that seems to be the Tea Party’s wish. That isn’t a recipe for success. Too bad for them. Well, not really.

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