Musings of a Chicago-Born New Yorker

Ladies Who Lunch

Can you be one of the ladies who lunch if you don’t fit the stereotypical criteria?

When I was unemployed and had time for lunch, I couldn’t really afford it. And now that I’m employed, I barely have the time.

But yet I still “lunch.” I have a friend I met through blogging about weddings (go Weddingbee!) who I have lunch with occasionally. We had lunch yesterday.

I also had lunch with my mother yesterday. I had lunch twice in one day like it was my honeymoon. Eating multiples of one meal is the ultimate in decadence for me.

In between lunch with my blog friend and lunch with my mother, I jump started the process of changing my name. Social Security office at lunch time, what was I thinking?

So, I squeezed three lunchtime activities into just under three hours. I know I can’t do it everyday, but was one day’s work enough to make me one of the ladies who lunch?

Eh, probably not, but it was a fun afternoon spent in post-wedding la la land where everyone is a newlywed or living vicariously. It’s a fun place to be. How long is one a newlywed? I think I’ll be one until one of my girlfriends gets married. May be 3 months, may be 3 years. We’ll see!

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