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Fifty by Age 50: Kansas

In a continuing saga about my lack of geographical knowledge, I was wrong about our trip this past weekend. I thought we were only going to Kansas City, MO. I also thought that city was a distance away from Kansas City, KS. I was wrong.

I thought it was like Springfield. Every damn state has a Springfield. That’s why no one knows where the Simpsons live (though the nuclear power plant really ought to narrow it down, ya know?). But every state doesn’t have a Kansas City, just two. And the two that do have their cities three miles apart from each other.

Big oops on my part. Another oops is thinking we’d only done Illinois and Missouri. A commenter reminded me we also did Louisiana. Honeymoon, remember? That’s another big oops!

Our hotel was right outside of Kansas City, KS. We were in Overland, KS. If you’re looking for a random ass weekend away, I would totally recommend this town. They have a plaza that has everything and I mean everything. They had a movie theater, several restaurants, department stores, fancy boutiques, random mall stores, parking garage, hotel, and office building. There was so much. We could’ve spent all day there.

We only left Overland to take a 20 min drive to Kansas City, MO. The first time we went for a jam session at a historical location that Charlie Parker cut his teeth at. I suck because I don’t remember what it was called. Sorry. And I suck even worse because I didn’t take pictures like I intended. I guess I just really don’t like taking pictures on vacation. Such a bad blogger am I.

The second time we went to KCMO was for a Sunday evening. We went and got what was considered the best BBQ in the place. I wanted ribs, not pulled pork, so that directed our choice. I got pork ribs and the husband got lamb ribs. Both were so delicious. Falling off the bone with a spicy BBQ sauce I could add to it (gotta love that dry rub though).

After the ribs, we drove toward this big ass movie theater that only had 4 movies showing. We moved on. For the first time since well before we were even ring shopping, the husband and I just strolled. We walked into a market and just looked around. We window shopped at restaurants and bars, trying to figure out where we’d go if I wasn’t falling asleep in a couple hours.

We just held hands and strolled. I was like being on vacation. We didn’t even do that on our honeymoon. I think I was too busy de-stressing from all the pre-wedding crap to just unwind. But this past weekend, we definitely wound down.

The whole weekend wasn’t perfect, but overall, it was. We got to just be us, uninterrupted. Our life has a bunch of interruptions, and I think sometimes we prefer it that way. But it’s nice to take a break from it from time to time.

And next month, we’re going to cross Florida off our list. Oh, and the Bahamas. Yay for cruises that help us accomplish our goals!

Places Visited So Far:

Kansas; Illinois; Louisiana; Missouri

4 responses

  1. silverneurotic

    I think S.D. wants to try to do all 50 states too. Or maybe I imagined him saying that (because, I think I do imagine him telling me random things and they become gospel in my mind.)

    March 28, 2012 at 21:47

    • Lol, well even if it is an imagination, it’s still a good idea. 😉

      April 3, 2012 at 05:04

  2. Yay! you are guys are definitely seeing this thing through. Good for you. Post some pictures from your travels.

    April 1, 2012 at 15:39

    • I would if I ever take any. I’m the worst at photographing when I’m travelling. Pictures of the Great Wall in China. Picturs of a beach in Cancun. Pictures of the Grand Canyon. I suck.

      April 3, 2012 at 05:06