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A Refreshing Story, Part Two

I wrote a post not too long about about a story a friend told me. This story was refreshing because it was about a man who was persuing her without all the bullshit. He was just interested and didn’t make her guess how he felt. So many of my friends deal with men who are at varying levels of full of shit, so it’s nice to hear about a man who’s not full of shit.

Well, she’s given me an update about her situation. Turns out this man has raised the bar on being not full of shit. He knows what he’s looking for in a wife, and he’s decided my friend is it. He told her he’s very interested in getting to know her further specifically for the purpose of making her his wife one day.

He told her “you’re on the fast track. Expect a proposal in 6-12 months.” Who does that? Certainly not any of the men my friends date. The husband kind of pulled that with me. But his declarations of intentions of marriage were mixed with a lot of bullshit, so it’s not quite the same thing.

The only response I could give her was that when the husband told me that, we were engaged three months later, so she better be thinking about engagement rings and wedding dresses sooner than later.

I hope this man who seems to not be full of shit is actually not full of shit. Then I can help a new friend with wedding planning. I thought I was so over wedding planning because I don’t care to discuss it with anyone I know who’s engaged. But I guess I just didn’t care about it with those people. I’m excited for my friend.

She’s decided she doesn’t necessarily want a diamond engagement ring. I’m all for the colored stone. My engagement ring has a pink sapphire as the main stone.

I wonder what would happen if all the women in the world decided to stop dating until they found a man who was honest and upfront about his intentions. Some men are so confused they don’t ever know what they want. So I doubt a shortage of legitmate women to date would make men get it together. Or maybe it would work.

Oh well, no way to know for sure because I can guarantee that all the women in the world will not stop dating men who send mixed signals and don’t know what they want.

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