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A Lipstick Comparison

I care a lot about makeup. I care enough that I wear it almost everyday and I spend a good amount of money on it. Every now and then, I go on a search for a specific thing, be it mascara or lipstick or eyeshadow. I figure since I’m a versatile blogger, I can blog about my journey. My oh-so-important makeup journey.

I was looking for a lipstick I could wear everyday. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go neutral or have a big punch of color. So I bought four tubes.

What do you think?

I tried purple first. It’s my go-to color when I’m going light on the eyes, which isn’t often.

Then I tried a neutral color. I always have trouble finding neutral colors because my skin has strong yellow and red undertones even though my skin is dark brown. Add to that the fact that my lips are darker than my skin, and we have lots of issues. I finally focused on matching my skin instead of my lips, and I did pretty good.

I switched t a darker bown. Browns always look red or orange on my lip. This was just another attempt at finding the right shade of darker brown for me. I’d love to find something that looks like Nia Long in Love Jones. No luck yet.

Last, I tried red. I’ve struggled to find the right shade of red. Not too dark, not too bright. I liked this one a lot, though I felt it could use a little shine. A touch of lipgloss would make this work. Who knew a more pink red would be the ticket?

So what do you think of my four colors? Are any of these good enough for daily use?

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  1. free penny press

    I really liked #2 & #4..#2 for just getting about your day but want to look “fresh”..#4 looks bright & sassy..spring is here, be bright!!!

    nice selections!!

    April 5, 2012 at 17:45