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New Year’s Resolutions: April and May

I stopped doing the weekly updates of my New Year’s Resolutions because it was the same thing week after week. But now that we’re nearing the end of May, I figured I’d do an update on how I’d done since my last post on April Fool’s Day.

1) Cook dinner for the fiancé husband at least once a week.

I’ve done an amazing job of this. On a bad week I’m cooking only once. That’s when our schedules don’t match up and I don’t see him for three days. On a good week, it’s up to three times.

2) Go to some sort of production/media thingee once a month. This can be as extravagant as the opera, or as simple as a movie theater.

We’ve seen a movie at least once a month. Most recently we saw both Think Like a Man and The Avengers on the same day in the theater. Both great movies! We really need to expand out to more cultural events. I want to go to a concert or musical.

3) Exercise an average of 3 times a week. This can be going jogging or yoga.

Don’t even get me started. I’m lucky if I squeeze in some sit-ups and push-ups once a week. At least the husband and I play the Wii more so I get some aerobic exercise in once a week.

4) Improve my diet to a point where I’m only eating fried foods once a week.

Yeah, I’d forgotten all about this goal. If you count the multiple fried foods all in one meal, then I’m sort of only doing it once a week. I can improve this one easily though.

5) Finish unpacking my apartment by April October.

April has come and gone and our bedrooms are still a mess. That’s why I’ve changed the finish date to October. For Project UnPack, we’ve got the bathroom, hallway, living room, closets, and kitchen done. Now it’s just the two bedrooms.

6) Get another cat.

We did it! There’s an upcoming post about Jazz.

7) Use one of my bridal shower gifts at least once a week. Giggity.

It’s not always the lingerie, but I honestly do use one of those gifts once a week. Mostly kitchenware. Eventually though, we will move to the goodie drawer. Giggity.

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