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Fifty by Age 50: Florida and The Bahamas

If you’re familiar with this title lead, you know the husband and I came up with a crazy plan to visit 50 countries along with all 50 states in the United States plus the territories. So really it’s more like 108 by 50, but Fifty by 50 sounds way, better, don’t you think?

When we got married, only two of the 20 adults in our wedding party were married. One of them was one of my bridesmen. He got married April 2011. He and his wife decided to have their wedding in April 2012. Please, just raise your eyebrows with question and then move on. I have no good explanation.

For their wedding, they decided to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. The husband and I were more than happy to attend. He’d never been on a cruise before, I love cruising, and we saw it as an opportunity to spend more time with them as a couple. When we heard a good friend of mine from middle and high school was coming (the groom and I went to school together), we were even more excited.

We had a great time on the cruise. There are lots of pictures, most of which I didn’t take, but I finally have some from a vacation!

Other than the time on the cruise, which included karaoke, unlimited ice cream, shopping, and drinks in the hot tub, we also spent time on shore in Nassau, Bahamas.

As soon as we got on shore, we decided we didn’t want to do one of the tours sponsored by the boat. We ended up renting a scooter from the locals right outside the ship. We got on a two person scooter and drove around for a little over and hour. I was terrified because the husband is not a good driver. He kept leaning the bike and he kept weaving hard to the left and right. He was having a great time though.

It was totally worth it when I spotted this Jamaican and Bahamian restaurant. I noticed all the people who lived on the island going there for lunch. So we stopped in and got food to go. Curry chicken and oxtails with plantains, beans and rice, rum cake, and ginger beer. It was amazing! I”m not a big fan of cruise food, so it was the first satisfying meal I’d had all weekend.

When we got back near the ship, we also got a conch fritter and a seasoned meat patty. If you don’t know any of the foods I’ve mentioned, Google them and find some restaurant in your city that makes them! After the food, we took a shuttle over to the Atlantis hotel/spa/resort and hung out there a bit. A little more shopping and browsing was fun. In the Bahamas, everything is so bright and colorful.

Even though the entire trip was spent under a grey sky and temperatures no higher than 65 degreed Fahrenheit, we still had a blast. The husband agrees we should go on another cruise. I’m trying to see if we can go to one next year with the woman who does my hair. She’s setting up a group trip on the Royal Caribbean Cruise lines which has waaay more to do than shuffleboard and karaoke.

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