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How To Throw A Party For Your Friend

Three of my bridesmaids have birthdays in May/June. And my best man graduated from medical school in May. So there has been lots of reason to celebrate recently.

First up was one of my friend’s birthdays. We decided to all put in some cash and take her on a mini shopping spree. We went to a couple department stores, Torrid, Bath and Body Works, and had ourselves a great time. My friend has such a cute shape and we all like shopping, so our day was productive.

I do have some pictures from one of my friend’s need to fix things. A mannequin in Sears had her dress on backwards.

I bet some other random person has pictures on their camera from their friend taking dress off and putting it on the mannequin backwards.

After the shopping trip, the husband and I drove to St. Louis early the next morning for the graduation. They have this huge quadrangle that house every single graduate. It was a great graduation and so warm. There was this kid the husband and I were plotting the demise of in attendance.

That kid wouldn’t sit still. He was just a nuisance. After much ire and anger directed his way, we redirected our energy toward his mother who was letting her big ass kid run wild. But after the graduation, we all met up and took pictures.

That’s my friend with me, the husband, and my parents.

The next evening, we threw a graduation party for my friend at this amazing club/bar/restaurant/concert venue, Lola. I love Lola., it’s my favorite hang spot in St. Louis. We had an amazing menu for food and several bottles of Cava (it’s the Spanish version of Champagne) to enjoy. There are no pictures because the party got kind of… un-photograph-able.

But the highlights include: 1) Some random guy buying my friend several drinks in case he ever ends up being his doctor, he’ll have goodwill and take good care of him. 2) These random ass girls coming over to dance with us. One was dancing so hard, her breast kept falling out of her shirt. 3) A really amazing band, Vintage Trouble, was performing. The husband actually joined them for a song because he brings his horn everywhere and they sounded fantastic.

The last thing from May is another friend’s birthday. She’s had a rough time recently, so I wanted to make her birthday special. I had her leave school early on the Friday after her birthday. We went downtown to my favorite spa, Spa Space. We each had a two hour treatment that included: mini facial, mini massage, mini pedicure, and a manicure. Another friend met us there to have a pedicure.

Then we met the rest of our friends at this sushi restaurant. We happened across this restaurant last year on her birthday, so I was excited to take her there for her birthday this year. It was even better because we still have one friend who had never tried sushi.

After sushi, we hit a couple bars on Division St. in Chicago. The same bartender was in one bar from my bachelorette party. We remembered him, but I don’t think he remembered us. Then after hitting a couple spots, we got hungry again. So we went to Hooters. Had some wings and hung a bit more. It’s been a while since celebrated someone’s b-day for 10 hrs straight. Good times.

We’re still figuring out what to do for the last friend’s bday which is later this month.

How do you celebrate special events?

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