Musings of a Chicago-Born New Yorker

Arizona For One, But Not Two

There is a conference in Arizona this month. My job is paying for me to go. A long weekend at a resort spa for meetings that are finished early each day? Sounds perfect to me. Want to see?

The only thing that would make it more perfect is if the husband was coming with me. He has a pretty amazing gig that weekend that pays very well. Let’s just say that he’s making enough to cover an expensive plane ticket to Arizona, so it really doens’t make sense to go with me for only part of the weekend on skip the gig altogether.

This is the life we signed up for. The husband would never ask me to miss work to support his job, and neither would I. So other couples who have way more mutual free time would make a trip like this. We will find another way to cross Arizona off our list of states.

I’ve checked out the website for this hotel. There are many ways to keep myself occupied. Shopping, dinner, spa, swimming. I’ll be just fine.

There is one other person going from my department. His girlfriend is going with him to the conference. I’ve never met her before, so that should be fun.

It’s been so long since I’ve been to a conference that was work/career related. So I’m very excited.

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