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The Little Party That Could

Aren’t you a cute little party! Yes you are. Just a small hang with the people from the wedding party. You can make it happen, right? I think you can.

Sure the wedding party had damn near 25 adults in it and only 2 live out of town. Well, that’s still a little party. I’ll cook dinner since so many of the husband’s friends have never had my cooking, but have heard good things. You’re such a good little party, so I will make a nice summer meal that’s easy for that many people. Lasagna, chicken strips, corn, and rice. You can make that happen right? I think you can.

Wait, what? The husband invited more people? Well, then I guess I should invite more people. There’s our friends we spent so much time with on the cruise. There’s my friend from downstate who will be in town for the weekend. Then there are other friends who simply have to come but they don’t know anyone else, so they should bring a friend, right? Okay, so more food, and what about drinks? You can still make this work. I think you can.

The husband had a great idea. He’s been telling everyone to just bring something to drink with them. I even asked a few people to bring something dessert-y. So we’ll have enough drinks and food and dessert. Oh wait, what wast he head count again? You can still make this work, little party. I think you can.

Okay little party, you’re not so little anymore. But still. My biggest worry is that there’s nowhere for people to sit. But that’s okay, right?

That was my crazy line of thinking as the days after Memorial Day went by. The husband and I ended up inviting a ridiculously large number of people to our house that Friday. So how did this Little Party That Could end up?

It ended up with good food and good friends. Lots of people who had never hung out before or hadn’t seen each other since our wedding all spent time.

The food was delicious. There was a snafu where all the vegetarian food was gone by the time one vegetarian arrived, but with promises of his own special pan of lasagna in the future, all feelings were healed.

There may or may not have been a drinking game that surely separated the thinkers from those less able.

We don’t usually make a habit of staying up super late these days, so we were quite proud of ourselves for not getting to bed until after 3 am.

We are definitely looking forward to doing it again next month.

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