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BPA, Damn It!

Have you heard of BPA? It’s bisphenol A. Google it if you’re not sure.

It’s an estrogen mimicking chemical in a lot of plastic products. You can recognize it because it has a 7 in the recycling triangle on the plastic.

Here’s the deal. BPA is bad. Giving people a large amount of synthetic hormone is no bueno. Women with weird menopause symptoms, men with boobs, babies with second evil heads, BPA probably contributed to your issues.

Because my undergrad degree was in Chemistry, I get real uneasy about these chemical issues because of stuff I learned in school. BPA in particular freaks me out. I know they’ve been using it since the 1960s. But they’ve used more and more over the years as plastics have become ubiquitous.

And it’s not just plastic. BPA is in receipts, canned goods, and all sorts of other things. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my baby to grow a second evil head.

Since I got married, I’ve been especially worried about this. I’ve started avoiding receipts. I keep a Ziploc bag in my purse for receipts when I have no choice but to take them. I don’t eat any canned foods anymore (though I will still serve 50+ year old men canned food).

But there’s one issue I can’t figure out how to handle. Plastic cups and other containers. The FDA recently made a rule for no BPA in baby containers, but adult containers can still have them. So if I use cups with BPA in them, it will be in my breast milk. I don’t want my babies to have second evil heads.

I have tried very hard to keep my health the best it can be. We’re not planning on having kids for a few more years, but in case I accidentally (knock on wood) get pregnant, I want low BPA, high folic acid, and high antioxidants in my system at all times.

Would it be going to far to only drink out of cups that are either glass or meant for children? Maybe, but what if (God forbid) I get pregnant in 4 months? I don’t want all that BPA floating around my system, feminizing my unborn son.

The FDA is still insisting BPA is harmless. I say whatever to that. I tend to stay away from things until we’ve had enough time to prove their okay. Laser eye surgery concerned me, and still will, until I know someone who’s had it for 20 years.

Now that BPA is going away from babies, I expect we’ll see a decline in weird new baby issues in the next 5 years or so. And since that’s smack in the middle of my baby making intentions, I will avoid BPA.

I know I can’t avoid all possible issues with any children I give birth to. But just like eating (relatively) healthy, and exercising, I can do my part and hope the genetic dice roll agrees.

Am I being completely crazy? Has anybody else ever made any big pre-pregnancy changes just in case?

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