Musings of a Chicago-Born New Yorker

Weekend Weddings

Almost 100% of my friends are single. Sometimes it feels like I’ll be the only married lady in my group ever. I know that’s not true+ but I still feel that way.

This weekend, the husband and I are going to two weddings. One is for a girl I grew up with at church. The other is for a girl the husband grew up with at church. We are friendly with these women, but they aren’t our friends. I wonder when we will ever attend a wedding for one of our actual friends.

There was the cruise in April for one of my friend’s wedding. And there was the wedding we met at that was when the husband was a groomsman.

Other than that, nothing. Other married couples we know have multiple married couple friends they hang with. We still just spend most of our time with our single friends. Luckily, our friends who wish to stay single don’t treat us like marriage is contagious.

Part of me wants to see my friends get married. Being a bridesmaid would be fun, and planning someone else’s bachelorette party would be great–

I just realized that I’m not dying to have my frineds join the world of marriage. Most are happy just the way they are, so no Fha ge is needed. I just want one to have a wedding. I’m going to these weddings as a guest, with no involvement. I want to be involved. I want to stitch a crazy nickname on a sash like my girls did for me. I want to pick a menu for a bridal shower. And I want to get drunk as hell at the wedding reception and complain about my groomsman.

Maybe I should befriend an engaged person. Nah, I’m too old to make new friends. Il just wait on my friends to each trap find the one.

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