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Tracy Anderson Is Trying To Kill Me

I did the first two workout videos. Tracy Anderson method has an aerobic dance workout that you do everyday and a strength training workout you do for 10 days before moving to the next one. That shit is serious!!

I almost died. I made it through maybe 5 minutes of the cardio before I had to take a break. I tried not to sit down though. I spent the next 25 minutes halfway bouncing up and down. I did lighter versions of some of the moves part of the time. I went and took care of some housekeeping in the kitchen space (which is across the room) while still bouncing to the beat part of the time. The rest of the time, I did this black Baptist church two-step with my feet while doing a Jersey Shore type fist bump with my arms.

Tracy says if you can’t do the entire workout right away, just keep moving. On the day I can do that routine without my church-y two-step, I’ll feel like the most amazing in shape person I’ve eve been.

With fear in my heart, I moved on to the strength training, y’all. TERRIFIED is all I felt.

But I did it. Or, at least I tried to do it. The hardest part is mimicking what she’s doing. She turns her limbs at odd angles. The idea is to get to accessory muscles that other exercise programs ignore. Once I began feeling the burn, which was almost immediately, I realized that this workout is amazing!

I felt the burn in a weird area of my hips. I felt it on the tops of my thighs, but under the main muscle. I felt it on the back of my arms between my shoulder and triceps. It was crazy. She does something crazy like 50-100 reps of each move, so I only got through maybe 20 of each straight.

After going slower and taking breaks as needed, I got through it all. After I finished, I was ravenous. I ate cereal, grapes, a peach, and a spinach and mozzarella omelet. When I was still hungry, I popped a chicken leg into the oven (cooking for one, anyone?). Finally, I made myself a blueberry/kiwi smoothie. I added orange juice and plain yogurt to it. I know that’s an odd combo, but her diet plan includes lots of blueberries and kiwi, so that’s what I went with.

After what I’m now calling the Post-Workout Food Catastrophe of 2012, I have decided that maybe, just maybe, I’ll try her diet plan. She says the plan is energy rich and will jump stat my metabolism. I could use that so my body is burning stored energy and I don’t eat my weight in my version of healthy food after every workout.

The diet plan for the Tracy Anderson method doesn’t have much in the way of dairy, animal protein, or sugary fruits. And the portions are soooo small. I have decided that for now, I will do her plan, but I will supplement it if I’m hungry with a bowl of cereal (Cheerios or mini wheats only), a spinach omelette, or one of my fruit smoothies. I hope that will give me a good balance. Time will tell I guess.

I’m doing an accompaniment post to this one that actually shows my Day 1 body and lists my measurements. I really can’t wrap my head around showing everybody this, so I will make that post password protected. At the top of the right column on the home page explains how you can get the password. I feel just a bit self-conscious.

I have lots of pictures of myself at this weight that I like just fine. It’s just that in those pictures, I suck in to get a better silhouette. In this Day 1 picture, I wasn’t sucking anything in. I let it all hang out so you can really see the transformation. Hopefully one day, even without sucking in, my stomach will be completely flat.

When you started a new exercise regimen (if you ever have), how did you feel after the first day? Hopeful, scared, determined?

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