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The Dumbest Sentence I Heard In July

People say a lot of things that are dumb. Lack of wisdom, foresight, logic, or education are possible causes. Now that the month of July is over, I am taking the time to reflect. I’ve heard a lot of dumb ass things last month.

The one I’m choosing to focus on comes from a woman I know. At some point she shares this information with each new person she comes across. And by information, I really mean “uninformed short-sighted opinion.”

She says, “the way I see it, you only get so many heartbeats/breaths. Once they’re done, they’re done. It doesn’t make sense to do all these things in an effort to live longer because you only get so many heartbeats/breaths.”

I cleaned it up a bit for clarification because I didn’t know what she was saying until maybe the fifth time I heard it repeated.

And now I shall explain why this statement is dumb as hell.

  1. Most people don’t eat healthy and exercise to live longer. It’s not to stave off death; it’s to stave off hypertension, arthritis, obesity, heart attack, stroke, low libido, saggy skin, alopecia, sleep apnea, and many other ailments.
  2. This woman is the poster child for why exercise is imperative. In just the year I’ve known her, she’s gained a good amount of weight. She already has bad knees that have only gotten worse with the extra weight gain. She’s walking slower and slower.
  3. When you ignore healthy eating and exercise, you sentence yourself to a quickly declining quality of life. Let’s say your “number of heartbeats” is waaay longer than you expected. Will you be that old person in a wheelchair with the oxygen tank who can’t even go to the bathroom alone? I’d rather be the old person who can still be independent because they never stopped being active.
  4. Of course you can’t control the future, but you sure as hell can give yourself the best odds possible. There are so many tasty healthy foods and fun exercises that exist that it doesn’t make sense to not even try.
  5. This woman recently started Weight Watchers. She did this likely because of her recent weight gain and slower walking. But she’s still preaching to others that it’s pointless. She doesn’t realize that now that she’s pushing 60, she can’t just lose 20 pounds and bounce back to her previous status. As you age, the changes your body goes through aren’t as elastic as when you’re younger. If she had made better choices in the last few decades, she would have at least 4 fewer health problems.
  6. Unless you have the world’s worst genetics, diabetes and hypertension don’t just happen. That shit is self-inflicted and it’s makes your life hell. Why not avoid it if you can?
  7. Who wouldn’t rather die of old age compared to a heart attack or stroke? Maybe live fast and die young is your motto. But unless you are skydiving and riding a motorcycle without a helmet and eating that sushi that can kill you if not butchered properly and gang-banging (pun…?), your chances of living long enough to get fat grow exponentially. You’ll end up short of breath just by walking up one flight of stairs. That shit starts at age 45, if not sooner. What if you live until you’re 70? It’s just crazy to dismiss the notion of quality of life in your later years.

I care about my health. I may not make the best decisions every day, but over the long-term, I make decisions that will make a difference. I know I’ll be having children in a few years. It’s in my best interest to stay in the best health possible when that happens. I don’t do crash dieting or exercising, so working it out now for a long-term lifestyle change is my only option.

Wouldn’t it be great to reach age 40 and still able to rock a bikini? Fifty and still able to go for a 5 mile run? Sixty and still able to walk 3 flights of steps with ease? Seventy and still able to have sex? Eighty and still driving yourself around?

It’s not guaranteed that you’ll live long and healthy simply by exercising and eating right. There are many other things you can do in addition: lowering stress, having healthy relationships, staying out of the sun for extended periods of time, taking vitamins, etc.

Knowing that you can’t guarantee good results, why would you go the opposite way and help yourself towards an early grave and a diminished quality of life if there is another option?

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