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Where Did All This Energy Come From?

I fully intend to keep my blog as is and not make it suddenly dedicated only to my journey to get back in shape.

So, in that spirit, I will now talk about the super short term effects of the diet and exercise plan I’ve started on the rest of my life.

I have had this unexpected surge of energy, and I love it! I’ve been getting less sleep than my normal 9-12 because of my schedule for this last week or so. Normally, that would turn me into a zombie bitch, but not this week.

Thursday, I paused my workout to create a iPod playlist to replace the music on the DVD and fell right asleep in front of the TV. Next thing I know, I wake up on the floor three hours later and drag myself into bed so I don’t sleep on the floor. I got up a few hours later feeling like I could sleep even more hours.

But then I had this surge of energy. With my job, I never feel like there are enough hours in the day because I’m a person who’s always needed a lot of sleep. So things that need to get done (i.e., laundry, mopping the floor, sex with my husband) will get pushed to the next day I’m off work or even later.

Not this time though.

[TMI Pause: the husband and I recently decided we’d do everything in our power to have sex everyday. We just weren’t making it a priority. And though daily sex is a crazy lifelong goal, it’s a great goal for newlyweds with no kids. With the daily sex, we’ll reset ourselves as a couple, and then when other things invariably get in the way, it will still be a priority. Let’s face it, couples who have more sex on top of love and trust, they just have a more solid relationship. All the psychologists agree. I agree too because I’ve seen how it worked previously when we had more time. Now we MAKE time. Okay, TMI moment over.]

This time, I got up, washed two loads of clothes, cooked my husband and I dinner, spent some time with the husband, cleaned the kitchen (except the dishes), and did my hair for the weddings we’re going to this weekend. That was so many activities that I never used to feel enough energy to accomplish. I didn’t do dishes because I never do dishes, that’s the husband’s thing. And I made two different dinners since I’m on a diet plan and the husband is not. Cooking is my thing. If he “cooks” his own dinner, he’s making a sandwich, salad, or bowl of canned soup.
When I finally got back in the bed, I slept well. It was some of the best sleep I’d gotten in a long time. It’s hard to jump back and forth from sleeping during the day when I work and sleeping during the night when I’m off. Perhaps I can look forward to things improving if I stay active.

I have no idea how things will be for me in what I consider the short term, which is about 2 weeks to a month from now. But in the super short term, things are great!

How do you feel when you’ve found an exercise plan that seems to work for you?

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