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Can You See A Difference?

That’s one of the first questions you ask yourself when you’re trying a new diet and exercise plan. And yes, I can see a difference. Later (definitely not now in the super open public), I’ll do a post with pictures and measurements from Day 10.

The way Tracy Anderson’s Method works is a little different from what I expected. The idea is to take one day off a week for exercising, so each tenth day is really Day 11, or Day 22 or Day 34, depending on how the days fall. Also, if you miss a day of working out for whatever reason, you pick right up where you left off so the tenth day gets pushed back one day. I like it like that because I’m getting my money’s worth by not losing any time if something happens in my schedule that I can’t control.

Now about these changes I’ve noticed. 1) My double chin has disappeared. I have to smush my face down to see it now.  2)The small of my back is tighter. That extra little cushion is gone, which gives me a more defined curve as you go from my back to my butt. 3) My arms feel lighter and look thinner. They’re just a bit less jiggly. Since those wiggles always catch my eye, I’ve noticed the difference.

The biggest change is the increase in energy. When I have the time, I still like to get a lot of sleep, but I have so much more energy now than when I’m awake. I think of things to do and I have the energy to get my butt up and go do them. Even when I was doing yoga 3-5 times a week I didn’t have this much energy. I attribute that to the diet plan as well.

While I’m talking about the diet plan, I notice that I can supplement the plan with other food and still be alright. I’m not talking about the lunch from hell from Saturday, I just mean eating a nice salad I’ve made with romaine lettuce and lots of tasty toppings. Those topping don’t include bacon, which is a fact that really saddens me.

Anyone who’s ever discussed food with me knows how deep my love for bacon goes. Since I started the Tracy Anderson Method, the closest I’ve come to bacon is the bacon grease I used to saute my bell peppers, onion, and garlic when I made my black beans. Did I mention I’m like a country grandma with my jar of old bacon grease? That rendered fat goes into most things I make. So even when I’m not eating bacon, I’m still getting bacon essence. Don’t judge me.

Enough about diet and on to exercise. I read on a website that it’s recommended to look at the video for the next 10 days before you begin. I’m so glad I took that advice because I would’ve been totally unprepared for what came next. The next video assumes you’ve improved in strength and endurance. I feel like I have, but having that extra 24 hours to wrap my head around the new exercises just makes me feel better.

And I will need the entire 24 hours. The things she’s gonna have me doing today is insane. I tried to Google a picture or video that shows it, but no luck. I may have to pull out my camera and snap a photo of my TV screen. As I try not to psych myself out, I remember that I like this exercise plan, and in the short-term it’s working for me. It will be at least a couple of months before I decide if I can commit to it long-term, but I’m feeling good about it. It fits into my schedule, it works the parts of my body I want to focus on, and I find it interesting and challenging. I will let you know how it goes.

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