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As If I Don’t Have Enough To Do Already

I’m considering adding something to my blog. Or maybe adding a second blog. As I’m typing this, I’m considering all the reasons why this is a terrible idea. I don’t really have the time to work on an additional blog. My days are already pretty packed as it is.

So what’s my motivation for even considering this craziness? My favorite cookbook.

I took a picture of my book, but this pic I found online at Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures looks way better.

This is my go-to cookbook when I want to make something I don’t already have a recipe memorized for. The recipes are easy follow. What’s even better is they are easy to adapt. I rarely make a recipe exactly as listed in the book, and so far, the food has always turned out tasty.

I started thinking about that movie Julie/Julia and wondered if I could cook my way through this book. It has 700+ pages, so it would take me years to get through it. It certainly wouldn’t consume my life like the chick who the movie was based on. But it would be a fun long-term project that would be just for me.

I love being in the kitchen and I love cooking, so it’s something to consider. Of course, I would start making the recipes as they are actually listed instead of altering them to fit what I want to make in that moment. The only thing I would change is I wouldn’t use canned food. I’ve been trying quite successfully to avoid all canned foods lately. There will have to be some sort of nuclear explosion killing all the farms and ranches before I go back.

The next step is to really think hard about whether this is a project I truly want to undertake. Any suggestions or input?

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  1. silverneurotic

    I considered doing something like that…since I had very little cooking experience and thought it would be a laugh. But never got around to it. Somehow driving 20 minutes to the closest decent grocery store puts a damper to projects like that. I think it would be fun though, I’d love to read about your cooking adventures if you do choose to do this.

    August 24, 2012 at 11:00