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Spending Up All The Money For A Good Cause

I feel like the husband and I have had way more money leaving our bank accounts than coming in recently. It’s not even a matter of my feelings, it’s just a fact. As much as I would like to turn off the faucet, it’s just not possible. We have laid plans that cost money and so now the money must be spent.

When I got a catalog in the mail, I knew now was the time to finally finish the front room. What catalog did I see?

This is just an advertisement, since I forgot to take a picture of my actual catalog.

I never though the day would come when I would be so damn excited about shelves. But I am. I know we will be making that move to a tiny tin can in NYC, and I want to be prepared. We are buying another 4’×8′ of shelf space. With this addition, we’ll be able to get rid of three bookcases, 2 DVD racks, a CD rack, and our entire TV stand. I’m so excited.

The plan went into effect last Thursday. I got off work, went home to do my workout, then we headed to The Container Store. I had already planned out all the shelves, drawers, and baskets we needed. We put down the money and went home so I could start putting it together. If anything could make me stay up when I would prefer to be sleep, it would be putting together a new piece of furniture. Places like Ikea and The Container Store were made with people like me in mind.

The other thing our money is going toward is the husband’s CD release party. We have been spending money left and right on copyrighting, ASCAP, fliers, card swiping machines, money boxes, hand stamps, etc. All of these things are an investment for the future. The fliers are the only things we won’t be using again. It’s a big front-end investment, but it’s totally worth it.

I want this party to go off without a hitch. With all the plans we have in place and the help coming from different directions, we should be fine.

We have been saving for months for all of this. It’s been nice to watch the bank accounts grow. Now that it’s time to watch the bank accounts decrease, I’ll be honest and say this shit hurts. I will be okay though because I know it’s an investment. Now excuse me while I get the rest of my whimpering out in private.

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  1. silverneurotic

    I’m usually very tight with money but this summer we’ve been spending more than we should…probably because we had A LOT of time to kill and S.D. wanted to show me around as much as possible. Once I start working and S.D. starts his second job we’re going to be a lot stricter how we spend our money as I really want to start saving up so we can buy a house in in the next few years.

    September 3, 2012 at 21:48

    • Making that conscious decision to save is soooo much easier than actually saving, isn’t it?

      September 6, 2012 at 04:51