Musings of a Chicago-Born New Yorker

Chick Moments And Not-So-Chick Moments

Not-a-chick moment: I’ve been stalking ESPN trying to find out who I should start this weekend for my fantasy football lineup. One of my leagues consists of a bunch of the husband’s friends. It’s so important that I whoop ass. This week is my first week playing someone who could potentially beat me– though he won’t– and I can’t start the wrong people.

Chick moment: I’m fretting because my nail polish chipped and I don’t really have time to do it before the wedding Saturday. I may be pulling out my last purchased Sally Hansen pre-designed nail polish strips. But then that will change my whole outfit plan for the weekend.

Not-a-chick-moment: I’m dying at work because the last few days, there have been nothing but women in the office. And we are fully staffed right now. As I type this, there are 10 of us in this office. You know how much freaking estrogen that is? We ran out of useful “chick” talk weeks ago. I know who prefers Asian men, who prefers tall men, who thinks green nail polish rocks. Now it’s all childbirth, menstruation, a divorce tales…

Chick moment: I just finished watching the Season 1 finale of Scandal. I know I’m late, but that Shonda Rhimes is my hero. It seems she can do no wrong when it comes to drama. Just thrilling soapy goodness. If she had started writing for All My Children, maybe the soap opera I grew up on would still be going on.

Not-a-chick moment: Kerry Washington is freaking gorgeous. As she ages, she’s getting even better looking. That whole cast is very attractive. I can watch any show where all the pretty people are smart.

Chick moment: The husband read the blog post I put up yesterday and has promised me not-from-a-can soup. He’s going to get it for me before work tomorrow so I can have it for dinner. That soup will probably be the only thing that gets me through work tomorrow, even more so because the husband is getting it for me. Though Tamara’s idea of hydrating has worked amazingly well. Thanks Tamara!

4 responses

  1. silverneurotic

    Mmm, soup. I think I need to make a big pot of it soon. Its that type of weather and it’ll be perfect for work.

    September 22, 2012 at 00:03

    • Chicken vegetable soup with dumplings is the best for the weather transition.

      September 22, 2012 at 02:13

  2. Is Scandal not the most gangsta show ever? Shonda is gifted!

    September 25, 2012 at 11:06

    • Missing the premiere for the husband’s CD release party, but I’ll be on Hulu Plus watching it the second I wake up Friday.

      September 25, 2012 at 21:20