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Getting Inspired

Sometimes, inspiration strikes. In my endless quest to unpack my house, I have felt like such a failure. One thing that has helped is having ongoing project to organize everything. Organize is a happier term for more than unpack. Don’t ask me why, it is what it is.

The main failures are the unpacked boxes and the the unused storage containers.

This brings me to mine eureka moment. After we organized all our living room shelves, we have no more need for our bookcases. Yet in our apartment they still sit. I’ve decided to move the bookcases to our weekend bedroom and use them to store the billion extra blankets and materials currently scattered around that room.

The desk that is currently taking up real estate com be moved to where the bookcases are now and then the husband will have access to it because he only ever used the computer in the living room anyway.

If you could see our apartment, you would totally see the genius of this plan. Perhaps a more clear example of my revelation will help. In or bedroom, we have a tower. This is no ordinary tower. This tower is made of towels. It’s actually twin towers.

These Twin Towel Towers exist because the one thing both the husband and I bought in abundance to our marriage (besides love, trust, and communication of course) is towels. Lots and lots of towels. And when they are all clean and piled up high, the card are at risk of being buried alive in a fluffy avalanche.

I have finally tackled this big ass problem. I’m going to use the husband’s Rubbermaid bins to good them. The way those bins are shaped means we can store those towels under the bed. I’m looking forward to less towels-and-weird-shaped-bin-and-unpacked-boxes clutter.

On another note, work was so awesome tonight cause I got pulled in on a secret. The significant other of one of my co-workers is planning a huge awesome surprise for her. What he has planned for her have me a hear idea for the husband. But he reads this blog, so I’m not giving anything away yet.

Enough of my inspirations. What inspires you?

2 responses

  1. Organizing is great. I agree, unpacking sounds yucky and tiring, but ‘organizing’ makes you feel capable and willing.
    Glad the twin towel towers will have a new safe home:)

    Planning a vacation inspires me. I usually put about 200 hours into a three week trip, picking the airline with the most convenient time for me to leave/arrive and then the most comfortable seats (seat guru and kayak) comparing hotels (location, quality-awards, tripadvisor comments) and then the room I’d like the best in them (floor, view, layout) and restaurants (michelin star guide, yelp), google mapping distances, picking the best of the tourist attractions, etc. And it always pays off with a flawlessly smooth experience from start to finish!

    October 18, 2012 at 09:39

    • That sounds like me when I set up for this season’s fantasy football draft. I had spreadsheets and research going back years. It was kind of crazy. I wonder how my vacations would go if I prepared like that. I wonder if that would gel with my desire to just truly go with the flow for vacation.

      November 8, 2012 at 14:31