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Waking Up And Seizing The Day

So here’s how my day started.

I opened my eyes, resigned to the fact that I was truly awake and wasn’t going to get even a tiny bit more sleep. I cursed silently, rather than my usual out loud expletives, so as to not wake the husband.

I realized he wasn’t in the bed with me, and also that it was still dark as hell outside. This time I cursed aloud. Starting my glorious string of days off in the super dark wasn’t the plan. But that’s what I get when I get off work and go straight home to watch the episodes of Dancing with the Stars that I missed while at work. I brought this on myself.

I find my cellphoneand see it’s 1:00 am. I did the husband on the couch, game controller for the PS3 nearby. I assess my options and realize I should just get my day started. So I head to the dry erase board and finally remove my wedding to do list. It felt good, and I really should’ve done it months ago.

I make the decision to leave the windows open and the lights on even though I’m naked. Who’s gonna see me this time of night? I turn on Pandora and get to work on my list. Then I hear a ruckus outside. I go to the open window and notice one of the cats has ripped an even larger hole in the screen. At this point there is more cursing.

Then I realize my younger cat, Jazz, is watching the ruckus outside. Literally, she’s outside. She has crawled through the hole in the screen and is on the tiny space of ledge outside the window of our third floor apartment.

This is the one time I don’t curse because I don’t want to frighten her and make her fall. Just this morning, I watched Jazz fall of a counter, a keyboard, and a couch. So I reach through the screen and grab her with very very firm hands. She jumps and tries to get out of my grip. I don’t let go until I’ve got her back in the room.

Of course I caused much more damage to the screen, but at least I don’t have a dead kitty. I knew the cat was adventurous because she’s always attempting a jailbreak whenever either door to our apartment is opened. But I never thought she’d try the window.

After I calmed down, I realized the cat was giving me the evil eye. She was angry at me. She glared at me as she sat forlornly by the closed window. That’s right, the thanks I get for saying a life is a sullen cat.

I decided to ignore her and go back to my to do list. If I can’t guarantee happy AND alive cats, at least I’ll have a well-organized apartment. I went to share with the husband what happened. He was still asleep. Neither music nor daredevil cat can wake him up, I guess. So it will just be a good story for the morning when he wakes up.

All I can think is thank God I couldn’t sleep anymore.

Sorry about switching back and forth from present and past tense, but that to do list is too damn long to edit this post.

How did your morning start?

3 responses

  1. Similar thing happened with my Maine Coon, Lillith. When she was a kitten, I was living in a second story apartment with a balcony. I thought it would be ok if my cats were out there with me as I worked on a painting project. Lillith thought it would be fun to hop onto the top of the bush on the other side of the rail. Scared me half to death. I had to grab her precariously by the back legs just to get her.

    October 25, 2012 at 12:52

    • My cats hate being grabbed by the legs. They would’ve fought so hard against it, I would be scared to drop them.

      November 8, 2012 at 14:34

  2. silverneurotic

    My morning was hectic, and unfortunately I was still at work when it all was happening. Glad your cat is okay, kind of scary when pets escape like that…our dog used to get out of the fence all the time and always gave us a fright.

    October 25, 2012 at 16:40