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No Strep for the Strippers

I know you all have been on the edge of your seats, waiting to hear the tales of my ascent into infamy by way of infecting a stripper with strep. I’m sorry to tell you, my infamy will have to wait.

I didn’t make it onto the party bus with the stripper. And also, I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually have strep.

After the last post was published, another co-worker texted to let me know she wasn’t coming in to work that night. She was at urgent care, getting a diagnosis of the flu. Then I got concerned, wondering if I had strep or flu, convinced I had one or the other.

It is no fun trying to figure out whether you’ll be taken down by bacteria or virus. You’re just hoping and praying for a third option. Come on, harmless fungal infection!

Nevertheless, I went home determined to rally and go out with the husband. I had to wake him up and make him get dressed, but then we were off. We saw a performance by an amazing musician and his band. I honestly don’t even know what genre of music it was. It was the genre of awesome.

After the next band came on and was not our cup of tea, we headed over to catch the show we intended from the beginning. The party-bus-with-strippers friend was playing at one of the most popular jazz clubs in the city. I was looking forward to seeing what he would put together on his own gig, and I wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t at all a traditional set, but it was very him. Spontaneous and fun, with just a dash of crazy.

I haven’t mentioned yet that at this point, I already knew we were not getting on the party bus. It was full. F-ing full. I wasn’t banned because I was sick. The husband didn’t decide a stripper party bus was no place for a married couple. None of the reasonable things happened. They just got full up and had no room for us. There were four of us by the way. We caught up with two friends at the first awesome show and rolled to the second fun show together.

After the husband’s friend’s gig was over, we headed to the car to go get some food, and the rest of them headed to the party bus. It was a sad moment for the four of us to watch the bus roll out without us.

We quickly realized how hungry we were and went out for breakfast. At this point, I had been awake for almost 24 hours, but I was still in rally mode. I ordered bacon, eggs, pancakes, and a large cup of coffee.  At one point, the guys realized I was tipping over in my seat, and took compassion on me.

I think the husband and I got home about 30 minutes before I had been awake literally for 24 hours. I was so proud of myself. I got through the night and had a lot of fun. Even better, I didn’t get the husband sick. I also didn’t infect any of his friends or his friends’ strippers.

It was quite the successful day. I woke up the next morning feeling like complete crap, but that’s a whole new story. Spoiler alert, I ended up with neither strep nor the flu, just a badass common cold.

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