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A Quarter Life Crisis, But Enough About Me

Don’t let the title fool you! I’m not going through any crisis. I’m not even sure I count as quarter-life anymore. The average life expectancy of an American woman is 80 1/2, so I’m really 35% of the way there already. Damn, over a third dead…

Okay, I’m going to avoid the existentialist crisis I’m hurtling toward for the moment to talk about this blog. This is my 250th post! Yay! Fanfare and all that!

Based on previous blogs I’ve written, this blog is not long for the world. I love it, but I also loved the other ones. Yet they are resigned to the graveyard that all unloved blogs go to languish, hoping someone will Google a random phrase in a post to revive them if only for two paragraphs.

So now, for my 250th post, I will imagine a world where this blog makes it past 1000 posts. I’d like to think this blog isn’t really going through a quarter-life crisis. Perhaps this is more teenage angst, or even puberty.

Ah, whatever. Enough worrying about my blogging whims. On to the celebration of 250 posts.

Should I do a giveaway? Or maybe a series of photos commemorating things I’ve posted?

Nah, at times like this, I like to deflect!

I’m going to talk about my favorite blogs. Blogs that likely haven’t gone through, nor will go through, a quarter-life crisis.

Single Infertile Female – This blog is amazing. I was reading a post the other day when I realized I’d been following this blog for years. She’s been blogging at the same location since December 2009. Her story is amazing: battling endometriosis, trying IVF, and embracing adoption. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll fall in love with her family and friends (and of course her baby). Join me in rooting for her triumphs. If I have over 100 posts on my blog feed, hers is always the first one I go to.

Fieldwork in Stilettos – This blog is hilarious and I really identify with it, even though the writer and I couldn’t have less in common than the fact that we both have a vagina. She’s an artsy type that started her blog to talk about dating. Now she’s in a serious relationship and has started her own dance company (troupe?). My favorite stories are the ones about her grandmother. I can totally relate to those stories, and I think there’s something in her blog for everyone to relate to.

The Rude Pundit – This blog is rude, crude, and in your face. I would suggest only heading over if you are super liberal and you like the more-than-occasional curse word. He’s even leaning a little more liberal than my particular leanings. But I never tire of the way he rips a new one into the opposition. His posts are always based on logic and intelligence, he just disagrees in the rudest way possible. Imagine if I told you my favorite color was green and if yours was orange, you were unpatriotic. This guy would do a tap dance all over the fallacies in my reasoning and possibly insult my mother, degree, and sexuality along the way. The one thing he always accomplishes is making me double over with laughter.

Baby KERF – If anything could make me want a baby (and to do tons of crunches to strengthen my abdominal muscles), it’s this woman. I’ve followed her blog since she was just starting to show during her pregnancy. I love how well she writes about everything. I feel like I could totally rock motherhood just by following her example. Her posts aren’t all sugarcoated at all, they are honest and they draw you in. I’ve walked away from posts of hers convinced I needed a certain type of stroller based on whatever type of baby I’ll have in a few years. She’s my own personal what-to-expect-when-you’re-expecting book.

My Dating Prescription – This blog is my favorite dating blog! This woman went through one hell of a divorce and is coming out the other side stronger and more aware of herself as a woman. I like  going through the 100 dates with her as assigned by her therapist. She’s up to 40 that she’s blogged about so far. It’s been a crazy journey so far. Watching her get to know herself (inside and outside of dating) has taught me things about myself, and I can’t wait to learn more.

When I am not inspired to write, I read the latest posts on these and other blogs, and then inspiration finds me. Perhaps my blog won’t run it’s course before Post #1000 if these people keep making me laugh and teaching me about life.

What blogs do you find inspiring?

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