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Time Gets Away From You

This is not an existentialist post about how I feel like I’m getting old. I do feel like teenagers are aliens, but I’m still in my 20s, so I’m not old yet.

This post is about how I got busy at work and watching episodes of Man Men, and suddenly I look up and haven’t posted on my blog in sixteen days. How does that happen?

Things happened that were worth blogging about. I usually try to blog while at work, where I have a keyboard. I have WordPress apps on my Galaxy and iPad, but I just can’t get into typing out a full post on the stupid touchscreen keypads. Considering how busy I’ve been at work, there just wasn’t time.

I talk a lot about trying to get healthy. I started using my lunch break at work to workout. This was really great because I stopped for about a week, but I got back up again and I’m on track.

I’ll have to workout six days a week for a whole month to catch up to reach my intended 90 day mark. I think I can do it. It’s just a matter of pacing myself and eating the right diet to get it done. Maybe it’s just been one of those kinds of weeks because none of my buddies on MyFitnessPal have logged in recently either. We’ve gotta get it together girls!

Elsewhere in my life are a couple of things I wasn’t ready to talk about yet, but I think now is the time.

First, the husband got accepted to grad school in New York. He’s supposed to start in August. We always planned on making the move to New York City, but now that it’s so close, there are a lot of unknowns we haven’t settled yet. I don’t have a job there, and I’m not moving until I get a job.

Job hunting is no easy task, so we’re preparing for moving out of our apartment when our lease ends next month and possibly living apart for a few months when he starts school. I know couples do it all the time, but I’m not looking forward to it at all.

The other thing going on in my life is that my cousin is having health issues. I don’t want to go into too many details because she’s a pretty private person, but it’s been difficult. Luckily, my boss has let me be flexible with my hours to help my cousin.

I’m the only one in my family with any medical background, so I’ve gone with her to every single doctor’s appointment, and there have been a lot. My cousin in only 29, and it just doesn’t seem fair that she should have to go through what she’s going through. I don’t know how familiar you all are with this, but I’ve got three words. Bone. Marrow. Biopsy. That shit is no joke and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Being there for my cousin is important to me, and I’m glad she’s letting me.

This month is about supporting family, especially my cousin. It’s also about supporting friends. I have two graduations parties to go to this weekend, and I’m so proud of both my girls. One has an accounting degree and the other a law degree. Wouldn’t it be great if they both ended up working in entertainment? If the husband’s career takes off to the point that he needs and accountant and a lawyer, it would be nice to have those two.

This month is also about staying healthy. I’ve been avoiding carbs that don’t come from fruits, vegetables, or grains for about a week. So far so good. For the record, potatoes are on the bad carb list, but sweet potatoes are on the good carb list.

And one more thing for this month is packing up our apartment. I haven’t really started on that yet. I’m feeling increasingly frantic about it. I have to pack for a move to NYC without knowing our future apartment size. And I have to pack for moving to one of our parents’ houses where we’ll reside for the summer. And I have to pack for putting certain things in storage that we want to keep but we know isn’t making the trip to NYC. Crazy, right?

And somewhere in there I have to finish catching up on Mad Men. I never watched a single episode until two weeks ago when I, ahem, stopped working out for a bit, ahem. I can’t even figure out what I like so much about that show.

I’m currently in early Season 5 and I can’t wait to catch up. After I pack, and workout, and work, and cook a healthy meal, and look for a job in NYC.

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