Musings of a Chicago-Born New Yorker

Getting Ready For Last Week

This past week has been a busy one for me. I’m so glad to be back in the humdrum hustle and bustle of New York City. I got a more restful sleep in the city that never sleeps that I did at a tucked away resort outside of Atlanta. I guess NYC really is becoming home for me.

Since I only went missing for a week this time, I’m not going to do a full catch-up post. I’m just going to do the posts I was planning had I found time to write last week. I was surprised that everyday I thought of something to blog about. None of it was so fantastic that you’ll be blown away, but it was certainly more interesting that a day of I-went-to-work-then-I-came-home-and-cooked-dinner.

The posts you can expect are:

Seriously, I Can Teach Anyone Math

I Don’t Want To Wash My Clothes, And You Can’t Make Me

That Time I Almost Stabbed An Old Man In The Street

I’m Done Paying People To Torture Me

Are You Feeling Jazzy? Are You?!

Anatomy Of A Best Man Speech

Adventures In Flying And Cellphoning

Are those titles intriguing enough? Eh, probably not. But this blog is basically my online journal, so I can say what I want. You can look for the first post a little later today.

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