Musings of a Chicago-Born New Yorker

Gearing Up For… Adventure…?

Friday morning, I woke up early. Not by choice, but because I had a job to do. It was my job to fall asleep in the car, awaking only to occasionally criticize the husband’s driving as he drove himself and a friend to JFK to catch a flight to Haiti.

They will be gone for the weekend for a music festival there, and I’m super jealous. You know why I’m jealous? Because as I was layering up to brave an admittedly better-than-Chicago New York City winter, the husband sent me this:


That’s the view from the restaurant hotel. It’s 92 degrees there. The life of a musician y’all.

Now that I have a husband-taken photo of Haiti to prove he’s really away for the weekend, I have to see what fun stuff I’ll get into while he’s gone.

The first step was to go to work. Super fun.

I have to admit, I do usually enjoy myself at work. My co-workers are hilarious. And there’s nothing that quite compares to the feeling of helping a grieving family have their loved one live on through the gift of donation.

But as soon as work finishes for the weekend, I see myself…

Eh, probably not. There’s not nearly enough space in our apartment for sliding across the floor. I’d more likely end up with a black eye from sliding directly into the nearest wall.

I’ve got the soup kitchen Saturday morning and church Sunday morning. Then the husband is back Sunday evening. So I only have a bit of time to squeeze in some husband-free hilarity.

But… I don’t know what to do. The husband is a wonderful person who understands he married a crazy person who feels the need to occasionally escape the life she created for herself.

So he allows me to pretend like I live alone occasionally. That basically means taking over the bathroom for a marathon bubble bath with lots of wine and minimal interruptions. Or an afternoon of watching Hulu on my phone with very little talking. Most men would think their wife was crazy, but the husband accepts me for who I am.

So now that I don’t have to pretend he’s not here, I don’t have any good ideas. All I can think of are the things I do when he’s just in the next room. I suppose I could go out somewhere, but it’s still so cold outside.

By the time the post publishes, I’ll be getting some sleep before heading to the Village for the soup kitchen. But then what?

All the stuff I wanna do seems so boring and not properly taking advantage of the free time. After Wednesday’s poorly executed day off, I want to do more. I want to live!

And yes, I also want to stop the melodrama regarding my first world problems.

I don’t think I’m at a shortage for living. I think that I’ll look back on this time, this here the end of my 20s, and feel good about it. Considering our budget (argh budgets!), and available free time, I think I’m good.

Probably the only thing I’ll regret is that I didn’t see more movies.

Oh damn, I think my heart’s desire for my free time on Saturday is a movie marathon.

I need to go boo myself. I’ll be back.

Okay, that’s not quite what I meant.

Okay, I’ve come to accept that my heart’s desire is aiming a little low. Perhaps inspiration will strike. I live in freaking New York City, and I need to do better.

Hello, my name is Chicago-Style Girl, and at times I’m painfully ordinary.

For fun, I like to go to the movies, go shopping, go out to eat, go bowling, go rock climbing, cook, read, watch TV, play games, attend live concerts or sporting events. So freaking regular

Hey, maybe there’s an indoor rock climbing place somewhere around here. But I probably can’t go alone. Argh. Maybe I can go to a basketball game. But again, I don’t want to go alone.

This is the problem with moving to a new place. Making new friend to hang out with you spontaneously in search of adventure is hard. Every one here is always so busy. Group spontaneity is hard to come by, at least so far.

Eh, I’ll figure out something. I’ll do my best not to come back in my next post describing how delicious the wine was that I drank as I caught up on the season premier of American Idol. I’m off to seek adventure!

4 responses

  1. You could go to a museum. I love doing that, but again, I’m a total dork who does nerdy things for fun. I prefer going to them alone as I can see things at my pace and not have to worry about whether the other person is still looking at something, or ready to move on.

    January 19, 2014 at 14:26

    • Yup, I had the same idea. I ended up at a museum.

      January 19, 2014 at 17:33

  2. I love museums too, how was it ?

    January 22, 2014 at 06:11

    • It was fantastic, and as soon as I dig my way out from under this pile of snow, I am going to write a blog post about it.

      January 22, 2014 at 06:42