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Adventure Accomplished

If you read the comments on my last blog post , by now you know that I did indeed seek and find adventure while the husband was away in Haiti.

I also basically live tweeted my Saturday, which was a new thing for me. The end result is that I actually took pictures of my day when I usually forget to. Having evidence of my adventures is pretty great, and luckily I only have one tweet I wish I hadn’t tweeted. Something about using my phone during the previews.

Don’t ask.

So anyway, on to the adventure.

I left my car parked by the subway station, not by our house. The idea was so that I could decide Saturday morning whether or not to drive to Manhattan or just take the subway. Having a car to get around could either expand or limit your adventuresome choices, depending on what you want to do.

After looking up some stuff online, I still didn’t have a concrete idea of what I wanted to do Saturday, which meant I didn’t know whether I wanted to drive or not. I was feeling increasing anxiety about it all night Friday, and even when I woke up Saturday morning.

It wasn’t until I walked past the car on the way to the train that I decided against bringing the car. Even though it was raining, snowing, and hailing in different spots on the walk to the train, I decided not to bring the car. I made the decision because of my best idea so far of what to do after the soup kitchen.

Photo from Webster Hall website

They have this Prohibition themed beer and whiskey party in the Village every January. It looked really cool. The only problem was the tickets were $45 for 3 hours of drink sampling. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to sign up just to drink beer and whiskey for 3 hours and nothing else. If I did do it, I certainly wouldn’t be driving home after.

I would need some wine thrown in there or something. Also, the suggested attire was 1920s cocktail clothing. That was really pushing me to just say no. But I hadn’t ruled it out because it seemed like such a unique experience.

At the soup kitchen, I checked with a few people, but no one showed interest or able to go with me. And I really wasn’t into the idea of having to go shopping first to get proper clothes to go get drunk by myself in the middle of the afternoon.

As I was leaving, one of my friends at the soup kitchen asked what I was getting into. Still undecided, for some reason, it popped into my head that a co-worker of mine swears the Bronx has the best West Indian food.

I’ve never been to the Bronx, only through it on public transportation to the LaGuardia Airport. So seeking out some random West Indian restaurant in a borough I’ve never been to before sounded adventurous to me.

My soup kitchen friend suggested I stay in the Village and head to this West Indian Restaurant over by NYU. Citing the weather and the cost of travel, he suggested I stay where I was comfortable. I decided he was right, especially because one of my best friends had already suggested the spot to me previously.

So I hopped in a cab and made my way to Negril Village.

negril village

It’s a restaurant and it becomes a lounge at night. As soon as I walked in, I heard Beautiful by Damian Marley playing. That told me I was in the right place. Not a lot of people can handle dining alone, but I took it in stride and it was fun. I ordered sangria and started perusing the menu.

I mentioned before how some friends and I are all doing a 30th Birthday Bucket List. I really will explain that in a future post, but just know that one of my things to do is to find a tofu dish I like. I saw that they had this Trinidadian dish called roti on the menu and there was a vegetarian version with tofu in it. I figured, why not?

Vegetarian Roti with sweet plantain and tofu on the side

Vegetarian Roti with sweet plantain and tofu on the side

So I ordered it, and it wasn’t bad. The dish is a flatbread wrap thingee with curried veggies inside and sweet plaintain on the side. It was actually a delicious dish, it was the tofu that wasn’t bad. Not bad is the best description I’ve given tofu thus far. So fried with curry sauce is about as good as it gets so far for me.

I only ate one piece of tofu, but I did get a selfie to prove I really tried the tofu. But because I didn’t love it, it doesn’t count as an item on my bucket list. I’m not giving up though.

Trying tofu. Not bad. Kinda like rubbery chicken

Trying tofu. Not bad. Kinda like rubbery chicken

Once I wrapped up my meal, I realized that a food adventure wasn’t nearly complete enough. It was still only around 4pm at this time, so I went and checked out Google. Google loves me and knows my life, so when I searched museums, Google knew just what to do.

Google showed me a ton of museums around me. Seriously, there appeared hundreds of museums throughout lower Manhattan. Museums for everything. Instead of ending up in museum overload, I just scrolled through the options on Google Maps.

I was leaning toward the children’s museum, but then another museum caught my eye.

museum map

I found this intriguing, paid my bill, and hopped in a cab. When I pulled up, it looked like a really trendy shop on the outside. It could’ve been an Aldo for all I knew.

But then I got inside. It wasn’t an Aldo. It was a fancy sex shop.

Well, not really. I mean, there were dozens of different types of high-end dildos and vibrators on sale. But there were also sheets, lingerie, oils, rubs, etc. There were also vintage issues of Playboy. Really fascinating fiction and non fiction books had their own section. And over to the side, there was a door that had pink-lit darkness behind it with what looked like a bouncer.

I went up to the counter and paid for my admission, then turned to the bouncer man. He scanned my receipt, then welcomed me to the museum. As I made my way up the stairs, I heard music, and lots of laughter and crazy conversations happening.

museum o s exhib

That is the only picture I took at the museum. You’ll just have to visit it yourself to see.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was a real museum. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a sex museum. But it was a real museum.

There was a Linda Lovelace exhibit. Google her if you don’t know who she is. It was like an exhibit at an art museum. There were photos, descriptions, really interesting old clippings from magazines and newspapers. And of course, a huge projector screen showing 2 minutes of her most famous movie on repeat.

There was also an animal sexuality exhibit. It was like something from the natural history museum or maybe the Field Museum in Chicago. The science nerd in me that likes biology just a bit felt thrilled.

There was a sex-in-art exhibit. I think my favorite piece was the condom dress. A couture dress made entirely of condoms, it was very interesting to see. Turns out the design was to draw attention to AIDS. Who knew?

And there was also a sex-in-technology exhibit. At its most basic, it was an ode to internet porn. But it was so much more than that. Writes, directors, sociologists, psychologists, and hackers all contributed to an amazing exhibit that explored human sexuality once it leaves the bedroom and makes it was on to the TV, computer screen, smartphone, and tablet. There was a whole section dedicated to sex scandals outed through technology.

On the way out of the museum, you see they have a full bar/cafe. I decided I did want another drink, but I wanted to get one somewhere else. So Google and I had a quick consultation, and I ended up at Ayza Chocolate Bar in Midtown.

I had a raspberry chocolate martini and it was delicious. I definitely wouldn’t want to go back to that place alone though. It’s meant for hanging with your girls or hanging with your guy. Because I was alone, there wasn’t much to do besides listen to other people’s conversations.

raspberry chocolate martini

There was one particularly interesting conversation taking place between a couple on their first date. He was old school New York Jewish, and she was fresh immigrant African. They were there when I sat down and still there when I left. Throughout the time I was there, they decided they were perfect for each other, declared their love for each other, and made plans to meet each other’s family this week.

It was like a movie.

They were so serious. I’m just glad they didn’t start making out at the table. I’ve never witnessed someone falling in love before, but it was definitely interesting to watch. I would give almost anything to find that couple and see if what they were feeling in that moment lasted longer than one weekend.

After I left, I finally gave into my original craving, and headed to the movie theater. I saw Ride Along with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart and it was hilarious. Critics don’t love it, but moviegoers do. I would agree with that. It wasn’t an amazingly well-written movie. The acting was just good. But I was laughing quite loudly for most of the film

Finally, around 11pm, I made my way home. And yes, I finally watched the season premier of American Idol.

I didn’t know where my day was going to take me, but with Google, and a desire to try something new, it turned out alright. What do you think?

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  1. Those are my favorite kind of adventures. Lots of time hubby and I will just get in the car, pick a direction and start driving.

    January 26, 2014 at 00:12

    • That sounds like fun. Where have you all ended up when you’ve done that?

      January 26, 2014 at 02:44

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