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On Getting Ready For An NYC Summer

It’s finally warm!!

Sunday was June 1st, and according to The Weather Channel, it was the last day with a low in the 50s. From here on out (at least until September-ish) the weather should not go below 60 degrees, even in the dead of night.

It was hot-garbage-on-a-Sunday hot here when I first found an apartment and moved in last July. But I like hot. So I was OK with it. You know, once my AC kicked in.

But once fall hit, I missed the warmth. This was one long awful winter. A trip to Chicago in the winter had me enduring -10 degree weather. I remember it being warm-ish around my birthday, but that was in early October. So I have been missing the heat.

But now it’s here. Even when it rains, it stays warm. And Tuesday night was the first Summer Stage concert. So now it really feels like summertime in New York City.

What’s SummerStage you ask? It’s basically a series of free performing arts events all summer long. Events are in Central Park, and other parks in all five boroughs. And it’s freaking awesome.

Last year, I only went to a couple of events, but I can’t wait to do more this summer.

And I’m also going to do my very best to get tickets to Shakespeare in the Park as well. That’s not so easy and you have to wait in line and give a pint of blood and a voucher for your firstborn. But other than that, it’s free.

I’ve never been to the beach in NYC. I still haven’t been up to the Bronx. And there are always endless restaurants, Broadway productions, and sporting events to attend.

For the things that interest me, New York City has so much to offer. I can’t wait to have a whole summer here.

I have nowhere to go in all of June. It’s pretty much the only month this whole year I’m staying my butt put at home. So that’s a bit less money spent on plane tickets and a bit more spent on trying a new seafood restaurant or a going to a Yankees game or renting a paddle boat in Central Park.

It’s gonna be good y’all.

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  1. June is going to be a go go go month for us, heading to Jersey next weekend, then the midwest the week after that. I’m tried just thinking about it but the rest of the summer should be more calm. Maybe we’ll finally make that trip into the city…

    June 7, 2014 at 21:46