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Yet Another Hiatus, But I’m Back

Well hello everyone! I’ve been MIA for much longer than I thought. It’s been over 100 days.

In my mind, you all missed me terribly and were close to sending police to my last known residence. But then I remembered that my Twitter feed shows up on my blog, so you all knew I was alive. And also, you have your own interesting lives, so who cares why I’ve been gone.

I have done an abysmal job with blogging in general, but I’ll shortly catch up, so look for new comments on posts from 75 days ago!

So what’s going on with me?

I’m still in New York, obviously, because I’m never leaving this city, except for maybe Paris, á la Carrie Bradshaw.

I still work in organ and tissue donation, which is still an amazing job. I’m soon moving to working during the day instead of the evening. And I’ll be working longer hours, but less days. You know what that means, more time for bloggng!

Speaking of donation, we have a new ad campaign for organ donation in New York, and you should check it out, if I can figure out how to add it to this post or my blog.

Long Live New York

That link is gong to have to do because I can’t yet figure out how to add the video itself from my phone.

This phone though! If any phone (or phablet) can do it, it’d be this one. I just got the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 last week. This phone is freaking amazing!

Back to New York. This city is wonderful, and each season brings a special kind of wonderful. Fall is killing it right now. Sweaters and boots, but still warm enough to not need a coat. This type of weather only lasted for 10 days each year in Chicago, so I’m winning right now.

Speaking of which, can anyone recommend a great cobbler? NYC is hard on shoes, there’s just so much walking. Shoes that I’ve had for years couldn’t last through 5 seasons here. It’s really very sad. And I get now why people spend so much money on shoes. I bet it is a lot easier to repair a well made $300 pair of shoes that to constantly replace $40 shoes.

And hats! I need to step my hat game up. I have a business card for a shop that makes hats in different sizes, which I now need because I have a bigger head circumference with the locs.

I have already bought one hat from this great consignment shop in Soho, but it’s a tight fit. I love it so much though, it may be my go to hat once it gets (and stays) cold.


Gray hat made by grace designs, purchased at Greene Street Consignment, gray gloves from Target, and my long-sleeved HRC t-shirt Chris bought me for our anniversary

Speaking of which, I’ve made some changes physically! I almost forgot. Okay, I got a tiny tattoo in July during the World Cup finals. I dyed my hair a kinda-bright-but-not-really red color in August. And I got a nose ring when a friend from college came to visit in September.

Plus I turned 30 October 11th.

I should show pictures of all of this, no?


It's the Libra scales. The one thing I could think of that I know for sure will still be me when I am 60.


A quick rear-cam selfie to show the hair and the nose ring.


My surprise party at Reunion surf bar. It was 8 days after my birthday, which was spent in Houston at a wedding.


Not a bad way to spend a birthday, plus I was there with my best friend.

Okay, so let’s see how good of a job I do sticking around this time. If you want to see me on social media away from the blog, my Twitter is ChicagoGirlinNy,and my Instagram is chicagostylegirl.

I’ve been on Instagram for about a week, and I love it. Aside from the rampant narcissism, I enjoy the picture views into people’s lives and thoughts. But if I didn’t appreciate the self-focus, I wouldn’t blog, right?

I’ve been considering doing vlog posts in addition to or in place of regular blog posts. Any interest in that?

3 responses

  1. Well I was gone a lot longer than you but was terribly saddened to see you hadn’t posted anything in such a long time. I really appreciate what you do at your job now even more than I did a while back. A very dear friend of mine just received a kidney and is recovering remarkably. She is so grateful and vows to do everything in her power to honor the person who was on the donor list and took such great care of himself just for her to has another chance at life!! I love your blogs and will check you out on Twitter and Instagram.

    October 24, 2014 at 23:03

    • It’s always amazing to hear about those who gave been been helped through the gift of organ and tissue donation. I’m glad your friend wants to honor the person who helped her.

      And it’s nice to hear you love my blog. I’m catching up on blogs, and yours in definitely on that list!

      October 24, 2014 at 23:27

      • My friend waited nearly 3 years for a kidney and now that she has it shes made a promise to God and honor the memory of the young man whose kidney she received. It has truly inspired me. Ive always been on the fence about organ and tissue donor but seeing it work up close and personal, its truly made me think about it!

        Well youll soon see that I took an extended hyatus! Life happened. But slowly but sure finding my way. I would love to do how you were, blogging almost everyday but i get stuck. I will try and do better. Trust me, i have a lot to say!! LOL

        October 24, 2014 at 23:36