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Two Posts in One Weekend, And More Thoughts on Vlogging

I fully intend to get back to the topics I’ve been blogging about here and there. These include: 30th birthday bucket list, wine school, what’s hot in…, and my continuing efforts to stay healthy.

I’ve got a lot more to say about those things, but I thought I would start small and see if I can even post more than once a month.

While I wait to prove to myself that I’m not completely full of crap, I’ve been catching up on your blogs. And signing up for ever more stuff.

I already told you I’ve joined Instagram. The drive and desire to post a picture that gets a lot of likes is real. That girl on the new TV show Selfie deserves more sympathy and empathy, y’all. I really like the show anyway, but take away all my meaningful real-life relationships, and I could easily become her. One week on Instagram has taught me that.

Last night, I joined Stitch Fix. It’s a pretty cool website similar to others where they send you monthly stuff. “Stuff” in this case means curated-just-for-you clothes and accessories. I had fun filling out my style profile and I look forward to seeing what they send me.

Leah over at Single Infertile Female posted pictures of her trying on the clothes they sent her. They were cool pieces that fit her style and clothing needs.

Out of the five they sent her, I think she kept two pieces. You buy what you keep, and just mail the rest back to them, in a pre-paid envelope. I’m pretty excited about the possibilities.

On a different note, I’ve done a couple of video tests on my phone to see if I like it enough to post it, but so far I don’t. The videos are nice enough. I like my voice and what I had to say. It took a couple of tries to stop using my “bedroom voice,” but I figured it out.

How does one accidentally use their bedroom voice? I don’t know, but I bet it had something to do with the fact that it was late at night and I was in my bedroom. And maybe I was trying to sound nice for the camera. I’d rather sound like me though.

I did not like the video location or my teeth either. And I kept doing this weird thing with my eyebrows. I probably do it all the time when I’m talking. How do TV people stay still for the camera? It’s so hard.

But I’m going to keep trying. Maybe I won’t focus so much on my teeth, which never benefited from braces, if I change locations. The tests so far were recorded in my bedroom with me just in my bed. The lighting is weird in there, so I had to shoot from below my eye line, instead of my preferred forehead or above height.

My apartment doesn’t have a lot of places to record, so I’m taking to the streets. Maybe with some natural light, I can shoot from a more preferred angle.

I was in the Village, Chelsea, and Harlem yesterday, so that’s three good options.




If it goes well, I will put the video in my next post.

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