Musings of a Chicago-Born New Yorker

My Story

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In case you care how I ended up me, I’m writing out the highlights for you. This page sums up each part.

In order to make sure you aren’t a crazy stalker, the actual posts are password protected. Just shoot me an e-mail at chicagostylegirl at gmail dot com and I will give you the password.

Part 1: Basically I cover childhood up until my first boyfriend in college died in a car accident.

Part 2: After a year of dating guys who were all wrong for me, I got wooed by a worthwhile guy, took the MCAT, and laid the groundwork for a future after college.

Part 3: After a year of dating a great guy, we broke up because he started talking about a long-term relationship after I graduated. I also went through the application process for medical school, unexpectedly by myself.

Part 4: I finished college, headed toward medical school. I also picked up a new boyfriend on the way who didn’t mind dating pseudo-long-distance while I was away at school.

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