Musings of a Chicago-Born New Yorker

Work It!

In an effort to get my ass in shape, I’m committing to trying a new workout plan. Starting with Day 1, I’ll discuss my progress and see where it takes me. Wish me luck!

I’m using Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis. It’s specifically designed for women and has  four different programs to target your specific trouble area.

You Better Work It Girl is the post I wrote when I first had the idea to try this new regimen.

Day 1 Review is when I realized Tracy was trying to kill me. Then, I did a separate post with my Day 1 picture and measurements, but that post was password protected.

After 10 days, I reviewed the differences I was starting to see. Then, I did another post with pictures and measurements, password protected of course.

Around Day 15, I fell off the wagon briefly, but managed to find my way back up. While finding my way back, I learned a bit about myself.

After 20 days, I went through how I was feeling about the exercise plan. Then, I did my Day 20 post with pictures and measurements.

At 30 days, I did a progress post, as well as a post with pictures and measurements. The Day 30 pictures really felt like the biggest transformation. So big that I worried about losing my motivation once I really felt the difference.

Then, I fell all the way off the wagon. When I realized my ten year high school reunion was around the corner, I decided to get it together and start over at Day one.

At that point, I still didn’t quite get it together right away. I didn’t take a Day Ten Picture, but I had plans to take a Day Twenty picture. In the mean time, I struggled in one way or another with staying healthy.

Fast forward six months, and I didn’t go to my high school reunion. The reason wasn’t the lack of exercise, it was moving to NYC. Settling into a bustling New York life made prioritizing exercise really difficult. Really really difficult.

I decided to diversify my workouts, keeping Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis as the main base workout. I even pre-paid for a few varied options using Amazon local. And I re-set the 90 day clock, giving it yet another go. I think this was attempt #4 since I’d first purchased the Metamorphosis workout. I attribute it to too many life changes.

The weather impeded my kickoff to being healthy, but I still managed to keep up with the food plan and get in some exercising at home. I noticed an early change when I could wear pants I hadn’t fit into in months.

What do you think?

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